#SummerFun: Sensory Hoops Fun For All

#SummerFun: Sensory Hoops Fun For All


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We received this product for review purposes. As always all opinions are honest and solely those of mine and JustaBXgirl

I’m not into bathtub toys.  I’m always worried about the splashing factor.  And is it just me or does it seem like the more you tell littles to keep the water in the tub the more the water ends up out of the tub?  For this reason I usually veto bath toys.  Still when the opportunity to try out Edushape’s Sensory Hoops popped up I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

We have a number of Edushape products at home and none of them disappoint.  Sensory Hoops is no different.  When it first arrived I hid the box from JustaBXgirl  because I had to prepare myself to letting her play with balls and a hoop in the tub.  Do you see how much I love you?  I was willing to sacrifice my dry floors for the sake of research!  when I finally pulled it out of its hiding spot I realized that since JustaBXgirl is so big the toy might be a little too big for our tub.

Sensory Hoops are designed to be the perfect bath toy.  I know you worry about mold and we’ve all been there with a favorite rubber duckie that we have to toss out.  The Sensory Hoops are resistant to mold and mildew so this does not have to be a worry any longer.  Size does matter though.  This toy is designed to help smaller littles work on  fine motor skills, gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination to name a few.  It is ideal to me with children 2 and under.

In case you didn’t know JustaBXgirl is over 2 so I didn’t think it would work so well in our tub.  And living in an old apartment building we don’t have the biggest or fanciest tub.  Don’t fret though.  This observation is where the fun begins!  It turns out that just around the time that I was wondering how this was going to work with my tiny tub we were due to visit my cousin On Long Island.  Did I mention she has a pool?

Yup, for us Sensory Hoops became the perfect pool toy.  JustaBXgirl helped me build it which I’m sure some of you saw on our Instastories.  And then she and my cousin’s stepsons spent the day playing with it in the pool.  They were even kind enough to stay on the shallow end of the pool so that I could play with them.

I believe in our tub JustaBXgirl would have gotten over putting the ball in the hoop rather quickly but in the pool?  There was no boredom.  The littles had so much fun playing that the boys (both over 10) were excited to hear that we would be leaving the hoop and balls behind when we went home.  We are supposed to go visit next weekend and JustaBXgirl is already saying she can’t wait to play again.

If you have an older little and access to a pool this is a really fun way to spend the day.  When you have a poolside basketball hoop you usually have to worry about the ball going out of the pool.  It’s no fun playing when someone constantly has to get out and get the ball.  With the Sensory Hoops chances are you won’t throw the ball out the pool and since the hoop and balls are smaller it can be more challenging. I really like that you can make it as challenging as you want by designating where everyone must stand to shoot.

If you have smaller littles or littles that are not comfortable in the water keep this in your tub.  It’s great practice for little littles to get the hang of placing the ball in the hoop.  Just be prepared for chances of a wet floor.  Oh, and apparently it is fun to play with out of water as well.  JustaBXgirl and the boys played with it in the house before we took it into the pool.

Your little can definitely get hours of play out of this without getting bored or even needing you to assist!

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