#TransparentParenting – Giving Up Soda With Contigo

#TransparentParenting – Giving Up Soda With Contigo

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Not sure if you know but JustaBXgirl is the boss of me.  Or so she thinks.  Being her mommy makes me want to be better daily.  One of those ways this summer that I’ve been trying to be better is by giving up drinking soda.  When I was growing up there was always soda in the house.  In fact, there was rarely anything else to drink.  Sometimes we would have orange juice or an orangeade and then for a treat we would make Kool-Aid.

Yup, I was a child in the eighties.  As I got older I would often make healthier drinking choices but soda always made me feel at home.  I remember when I started dating an ex in college, he would bring me six packs of a certain soda brand that wasn’t sold on my campus.  How romantic!  Once I was living on my own I limited my soda intake.  It never completely went away but for the most part, I would stop buying it for my home.  Once I started living with JustaBXgrandpa it was like being a kid again.  There is always a bottle of soda in the fridge.

Still, I know better so I attempt to do better.  Even still I was slowly adding more soda back into my routine.  Enter my boss, JustaBXgirl.  She called me out a few times especially since I always tell her soda is unhealthy.  At the beginning of this summer, I made her a promise.  I promised to give up soda.  Now when you speak to a four-year-old they don’t forget anything you wish they would.  I gave her a starting point of my soda send off and since then she has only allowed me to drink soda when we go to the zoo and get out $1 refills.  Shh, don’t tell her I’ve snuck and had some a few other times.

contigo water bottle, infuser, lemon slices, lemon water

I’ve also decided to drink less juice since now we are told we shouldn’t be drinking that either!  My hope is that by modeling beverage choices it will get JustaBXgirl to make healthier choices too.  And honestly, it has.  The thing is though that I’m a weirdo.  I don’t like how water tastes in a cup.  I only like it in a bottle so I had to find the right water bottle to make my transition easier.  Enter Contigo.  We’re all familiar with the brand.

contigo water bottle, infuser, lemon slices, lemon water

We’re all familiar with the brand.  I’m betting if you don’t own one then you know someone that does.  It just so happens that they make the perfect water bottle for me.  The one that I have been keeping close and threatening anyone that gets too close over is the Contigo Autospout Straw Ashland Infuser bottle.  Didn’t you know?  I’m fancy.  I love fruit in my water.  I just don’t like it clogging up my straw.  That doesn’t happen with the Contigo Infuser.  The fruit has its own compartment.

And you know this mama hasn’t learned to get anything for herself without JustaBXgirl getting a treat.  She has the Contigo Autospout Gizmo Flip Kids Water Bottle.  And let me tell you she does not leave home without it! Mind you it was supposed to be her school water bottle.  She didn’t get why if she was going to be able to use it for school she couldn’t use it now.  Mama gave it since it gets her to drink lots more water than she was previously.

Before this summer she would ask me for juice with every meal and when she thought I wasn’t listening she would ask JustaBXgrandpa for soda.  Since I’ve “given up” soda I’ve overheard her declining soda when he asks if she wants some.  She also doesn’t ask me for juice with every meal or snack.  I’m a firm believer that slow and steady will win every race.  If me drinking less makes her not drink any at all then I will stick to this new beverage lifestyle for a while.

Especially since my Contigo makes it easy.  I’ve also for the first time since when I was pregnant have been drinking the recommended daily amount of water.  My infuser is 26 ounces and I am regularly filling it up throughout the day.  JustaBXgirl’s water bottle is 14 ounces and she needs it filled a few times a day.  Now if we could just get JustaBXgrandpa to use a Contigo we might bankrupt his favorite soda company!!!


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