Walt Disney World – What To Pack?

Walt Disney World – What To Pack?

We go to Walt Disney World at least once a year.  This weekend we head there to celebrate JustaBXgirl’s #FabFairytale5th and I still haven’t packed! To my procrastinators, I know you’re not impressed.  To everyone else, I need you to understand I used to be the type to be packed for vacations at least two weeks before.  Now I’m sitting here realizing that I really need to get my life together but I’m not too worried.

So, rather than packing I decided to sit down and blog about the FIVE things you MUST remember to pack for a trip to Disney!

  1. Autograph Book – Yes, you can buy one at the park but what’s the fun in that.  If you put yours down you won’t be able to tell it from any of the other 45659786807 ones in the park.  We usually pick up a fun Disney themed book before we go.  One time we forgot but I was able to find a really cute Tinkerbell one at a local Walgreen’s.  Last year I saw this amazing homemade book this family made that had cards with images of each character they planned to meet.  I was inspired then forgot until this week so JustaBXgirl isn’t getting one of those.  She actually pulled out some of her old ones to reuse but instead of packing those I’m packing a wooden, 9-inch letter M with Happy 5th Birthday added in pink glitter stickers to be signed by the characters. I’ve also seen visitors bring t-shirts and pillowcases.  Think outside the box but definitely bring something.
  2. Trading Pins – JustaBXgirl loves enamel pins.  Actually, let me rephrase that, she loves all pins.  We regularly collect celebration pins but just recently got involved in the trading pins.  She had so much fun when we did them in Disneyland that I had to order her another set to trade when we head to Florida.  I order our trading sets off of Amazon.  There are mixed reviews and if you’re looking to be a pure collector this won’t be the right place for you to order yours.  If like me, you just want a happy little to be able to trade other littles and cast members this is a wonderful option.
  3. Mickey Ears – We will be getting at least one pair on the trip but it is always fun to come with ears that can’t be found in the park.  This year we are wearing custom ears from Enchanted Bella Boutique.  JustaBXgirl saw a picture of them but I told her I wasn’t sure they would be ready for our trip.  Yup, I’m a mean mom.  Thinking of waiting until we’re heading to Disney Springs on Sunday to give her them.

    She wore both. Frozen t-shirt and Frozen costume.
  4. Costume/Disney Shirts – I would love to be one of those really cool moms that does the whole Disney Bound thing but I just can’t get it together.  Instead, I make sure to always have a cool Disney themed shirt.  JustaBXgirl however, goes full Disney Princess.  By bringing her costumes I save myself from having to take her to the Bippity Boppity Boutique. Now, I have absolutely nothing against Bippity Boppity but the way my bank account is set up…Seriously though, before she outgrows the whole princess thing I want her to go to it at least once but it is a cost that up until this point (and at least until our next visit) I have been able to avoid.

    Yup, I take three chargers. Hopefully, I can find my fourth before take off!
  5. Travel Charger – My phone is dead before lunch. That’s just the way it is! Yes, there are charging stations at Disney. I just don’t like having to take time out of our day to sit still.  I usually head to the charging station when JustaBXgirl takes her nap mid-afternoon.

There are a million other must-haves that I can share with you but I feel like if you have these then you and your littles will be happy and you can buy whatever else there.    I will add a bonus item for security reasons.

  • Bonus ITEM – I do this just about everywhere we go.  I bring business cards to place in JustaBXgirl’s shoe and pocket.  These have my phone number and email address.  She knows my phone number by heart but this is a great thing for children to have on them in case they get seperated from their families.  She knows to find an employee, policeman or someone that looks like a mom, give them my card and tell them to call me.  Godwilling we will never have to use this safety plan but she is prepared.

Speaking of safety, I saw on a documentary (might have been on Disney) where you should always have a photo of the shoes your little is wearing (the little can be in the photo too). Most children that are kidnapped in crowds are put in different clothes but the kidnappers rarely change the child’s shoes. This tip has always stayed in my mind.  especially on days we’re at a park like Disney and my daughter changes her clothes two to three times a day and nobody bats an eye that the child comes out the stall wearing something different. Again, I hope none of us ever need these tips but I like to share what I know so that you can share it too!


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