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#DisneyLatinaMoms Valentine’s Day Exchange

oriental trading, valentine's day, gift bags


#DisneyLatinaMoms Valentine’s Day Exchange

  • oriental trading, valentine's day, gift bags

    As an Oriental Trading Brand Ambassador, I received products to use for blog purposes. As always all opinions are honest and completely mine and JustaBXgirl’s.

    A few months ago a few of us Disney Loving mamas came up with the idea to start our own Disney group to support each other and share ideas, crafts and fun things Disney.  This group just happens to be made up of some of my favorite blogging mamas so it makes it even more fun and games.  While Disney is what brought us together we do so much more than share Disney love.

    Karina from introduced the idea of mail exchange for our littles.  When was the last time one of your littles sent someone a piece of mail?  Over Christmas our babies exchanged cards and us mamas held a secret Santa so we each could count on having at least one gift to open!  Now with Valentine’s Day approaching our babies are back at it.  This time they will be sending each other Valentine Friend Gift bags. JustaBXgirl loves the idea of sending and receiving snail mail.

    conversation hearts, oriental trading, gift bags, valentine's day

    In the midst of birthday party planning, JustaBXgirl and I decided to take a break and pack our gift bags.  Now you might think I am crazy.  Why sign up for something else to stress me out in the midst of birthday vacations and parties?  Simple, I knew Oriental Trading would have my back.  They most definitely did.  I couldn’t have gotten through JustaBXgirl’s birthday party without them (look for that blog coming soon) and of course they had everything I needed for the gift bags.

    It was difficult to pick products for the gift bags because there were just so many items to choose from.  And a bunch of them were on sale! Can you believe it? A store that puts Valentine’s Day items on sale BEFORE Valentine’s Day?! You have to check out some of the fabulous fun stuff still available on the site. JustaBXgirl helped me narrow down what she thought her friends would like best. We also picked up enough supplies so that we can make bags for her classmates as well.

    I think the Valentine’s Exchange is a great way for littles to practice their penmanship.  JustaBXgirl is really into helping her teachers write vocabulary words for class.  This gives her another opportunity to practice.  She learned how to spell the word LOVE while signing Christmas cards.  Think we might use the word FROM this time only so she can add another spelling word to her bag!

    Also, our babies are different ages and this is a great way for them to build a relationship with others a bit older or younger than they are.  And come on, who doesn’t love getting gifts? I know JustaBXgirl puts a lot of thought into what she chooses for gift bags.  She wants to make sure that her friends get items that she would like to unbag herself.

    She also loves putting the bags together.  Yup, it would be a lot quicker if this mama could pack the items myself but then they wouldn’t feel like they were from her.  I can’t share the contents because we don’t want our friends to see exactly what they will be getting but I can share that our favorite items are the Emoji necklaces and the monster poppers which reminded me of Groggle’s Monster Valentine.




    1. Ruby A Cruz

      February 21, 2018 at 7:44 pm

      So happy we did this My critters were def happy with all the gifts
      Lets set up the next one. fun snail mail

      • justabxmom

        February 21, 2018 at 11:46 pm

        Yup, already planning for Easter!

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