The Star Comes to DVD & Blu-ray Today

The Star Comes to DVD & Blu-ray Today

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We received the DVD for review purposes. As always opinions are honest and solely from me and JustaBXgirl.

When The Star came out in theaters last year, life happened and we didn’t get to see it.  I might have huffed about that more than JustaBXgirl because I saw so many positive reviews.  I did a little cheer when I found out the DVD release date.  After getting my hands on an advanced copy, JustaBXgirl and I had a movie night.

I will say that while I am sad we missed this movie on the big screen it was so nice to pop some popcorn, relax on the couch and watching a movie together.  Before we could get the movie started JustaBXgirl had to check me in for our screening and make sure I was press because the movie had yet to be released to the public.  This child is too much at times.  She really pulled out a sheet of paper and looked it up and down.  Imagine if I hadn’t made the list?  In my own house!  That would have been quite embarrassing.

Fortunately, I made the cut which meant we could sit back and get the movie started.  Before it even began JustaBXgirl told me who would be her favorite characters based on the box.  Spoiler, after watching the movie she changed her mind.  Her favorites went from Ruth and Dave to Mary and baby Jesus. She said that Mary was her favorite because Mary was just such a good person throughout the movie.  Baby Jesus was her second favorite because he was just so cute.

I think this is a wonderful movie to watch at home with littles to introduce the Bible to them.  Growing up I never attended church with my parents.  I believed in God and said prayers but I didn’t have any real education on all things Bible.  As an adult, I found a church home that I loved.  Since JustaBXgirl has been around and I moved back to the Bronx I have truly lacked being connected to that church home and realized after watching this movie that I have not done as good of a job as I thought with introducing JustaBXgirl to the Bible. She had a lot of questions so in a way I guess it was good that the first time we watched was at home where I could pause the movie and answer her questions.  Even if you’re not religious you can enjoy this story.  The movie is filled with action and a beautiful soundtrack.

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Bo (Steven Yeun) and Ruth (Aidy Bryant) in Sony Pictures Animations’ THE STAR.

Bo was definitely my favorite character.  That donkey had layers!  One of my favorite things in the movie is when it would switch perspectives.  I thought it was so funny when the animals would try to talk to the humans and the humans just could not understand them (even when they played charades).  Even without being able to verbally communicate the relationships between humans and animals is something to admire.

Overall this was a really fun family movie that JustaBXgirl rated as EXCELLENT.

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