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Tamagotchi Turned 20

tamagotchi, bandai, 20th anniversary, digital pets, virtual pets

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Tamagotchi Turned 20

  • tamagotchi, bandai, 20th anniversary, digital pets, virtual pets

    We received a sample for review purposes. As always all opinions are honest and solely mine and JustaBXgirl’s.

    I bet you read that title and said, WHAT?! Yup, in 2017, Tamagotchi turned 20.  How many of you had a Tamagotchi virtual pet when you were growing up?  Go on now, raise your hands. I know, I had all the feels rushing back when I found out they were back out too. I can’t even remember how many I had because my little brother kept trying to flush them down the toilet.

    Anyway, back to the present.  If you follow my Instagram stories then you know I was able to sit down with a few reps from Tamagotchi recently. We all shared how we really loved the product as youths and they were excited to be bringing it back. I bet you’re all thinking that the re-release is never going to live up to the original. You’re thinking the only thing this will have in common with your sweet old Tamagotchi will be the name.  I’m here to tell you that you are WRONG.  The 2017 version is the same Tamagotchi from your past, just smaller.  Yup, the egg has been miniaturized.  It is now the perfect size to adorn your purse, slip into your pocket or hide in your hand from your littles.

    Don’t front, I know you don’t want to share this gem with them.  You know how I know? Because I had no plans on sharing mine!  You got that right.  I was set to keep mine a secret from JustaBXgirl but her cousin has a big mouth and shouted me out when I was feeding my pet. Of course, she fell in love with it from the start.

    I used it as a life lesson.  She’s been wanting a pet which I keep telling her no about.  I told her she can have it as her pet but she is responsible for feeding it, cleaning it and keeping it happy or that it might die.  She has had it over a week and has not killed it yet.  I feel like that might be some sort of record! She is going to be devastated when it dies of old age.

    Funny story, the first day she was left to take care of it alone I was out and about at an event.  When I left home both JustaBXgirl and the Tamagotchi were sleeping.  JustaBXgirl FaceTimed me frantic a little after nine because the Tamagotchi’s alert was going off and she couldn’t figure out how to feed it. That has been her only panic point.  All through her winter recess, she took care of it.  She even found it a cute little pouch to live in so it wouldn’t be cold when she took it outside. Now that she’s back at school it is mommy’s responsibility during school hours.  Do you think I can charge her for daycare?

    bandai, tamagotchi, 20th annivesary, digital pet

    These are so much fun and come in a variety of colors, including two flocked versions.  They will also be released in waves so if you don’t see a color or design that calls to you now don’t fret, more are coming.





    1. Ruby A Cruz

      February 28, 2018 at 12:19 pm

      I got to get one I def loved mine. I dont remember how it was lost but I know it was awww great TB memory

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