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A Wrinkle In Time Coloring and Activity Pages


A Wrinkle In Time Coloring and Activity Pages

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  • I know a lot of you are preparing to see A Wrinkle In Time this weekend.  I wanted to add to the fun.  These coloring sheets and activity forms will be the perfect way to get everyone in the mood.  We will be picking the book up from the library so that we can read and then go watch it come to life on the big screen.

    A Wrinkle In Time Spot The Difference – Let me know how you do. I could only find 4 of the 5 differences between the photos.

    A Wrinkle In Time Fortune Teller – How many of you used to make these in school?  Talk about throwback!

    A Wrinkle In Time Maze – JustaBXgirl loves mazes.  She is pretty good at them too.  How quick can you find your way through this one?

    A Wrinkle In Time – Calvin & Meg – This movie is going to be so action-packed. Check out this coloring page!

    A Wrinkle In Time – Calvin, Charles & Meg – I love this one.  And this is a perfect example of how representation matters.  As an adult it makes me excited to see a curly haired girl with glasses.  As a child this would have made me so happy.

    A Wrinkle In Time Happy Medium – I can’t wait to color this one myself.  I’m going to use a thousand different colors to help relay the magic and power present.

    Wishing all of you a magical week.


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