Why I Go To Baby Shows…

Why I Go To Baby Shows…

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I was invited to attend Big City Mom’s Biggest Baby Shower as media.

I am not having a baby.  My baby is currently five going on twenty-five. Despite these facts I LOVE attending baby shows.  I know you’re thinking I must be crazy or have baby fever.  Now, I won’t say that I’m not crazy but I don’t think it’s because I go to baby shows.

I adore attending baby shows because it amazes me how much things can change in no time.  Seriously, JustaBXgirl is only FIVE. Yet, some of the baby items that are out now weren’t even an idea when she was a baby! Also, I know some of you are still in the baby phase. I like being able to offer you my insight. And, if you want to know the biggest reason I attend baby shows, here you go…they are not just for babies!

Huh? But most of them say baby in the name! You’re right, they do and they are focused on baby items but they hold so much more.  I now make it a goal of mine to find a few items at each show that can be for older children or even the entire family!

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I just attended Big City Mom’s Biggest Baby Shower last week which is a great show for expecting mamas.  It is a great size with a few select brands so that you will not be overwhelmed and they always have things that I have not seen before.

This show was great for me in terms of finding items not just for baby! Here are five items that you will love even if you don’t have a newborn at home.

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Water Wipes – In case you were still thinking that baby wipes were just for babies then let me tell you they are not! You might not be obsessed with them before having your little one but trust me you won’t have a wipeless home once your little arrives.  They work for everything.  My daughter loves this brand and tell me so regularly.

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Re-Play Family Tableware – We have their bowls, utensils and divided plates. I use the the divided plates for my chips and salsa. JustaBXgirl uses them for everything. She still doesn’t like her food to touch.

parents magazine

Parents Magazine – I know as parents we don’t have a lot of time to read but this really is one of my favorite magazines. I get a lot of fun ideas on crafts and recipes that I say I will try and never do! I also learn about really good programs and amazing people in the pages of this magazine and I can see reading it for many years to come.

My Classy Baby Sign And Sing – I met Jessie at Mommy Con last year and have been following her since! She is the sweetest and truly believes in what she teaches.  JustaBXgirl took sign language classes for about a year when she was a baby and it a lot of the frustration away from her not having words to communicate with at the time.  Her favorite signs were MORE and WATER. I hope to get her back into classes soon because I think it is an amazing skill to have.

google clips, google, hey google

Google Clips – Have you heard of this? I hadn’t. It is a camera that you set up to capture moments without having to worry about taking out your phone.  JustaBXgirl loves it.  She sets it on the table in front of her and has her own one-girl show.  The great thing is that it doesn’t have a microphone so it doesn’t pick up random conversations. I’m hoping to get a full review up for you soon.

I didn’t go to baby shows when I was pregnant with JustaBXgirl so maybe I go to the shows now to make up for that! Did you go to baby shows? Do you go to them now?

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