Top Toys From #TTPM Spring Showcase

Top Toys From #TTPM Spring Showcase

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We were invited to attend the event as media. As always all opinions are honest and solely mine and JustaBXgirl’s. This post contains affiliate links.

I’ve said it once and I will say it again, I am so blessed to live my life.  JustaBXgirl and I have it so good and don’t think for a second that we don’t realize it. Just last week we were able to attend one of our most favorite events of the year, the TTPM (Toys, Tots, Pets and More) Spring Showcase. It gave us the chance to check out some of our favorite brands and play with toys while calling the day work!

There were so many fun toys, some of which sadly won’t be in stores until the fall but not to worry because many of them are available or coming out soon. It was really difficult to narrow down a top toy list but here are the 10 items JustaBXgirl said she really, really, really loved

  1. Morfboard  The rest of the list is in no particular order but this was JustaBXgirl’s mostest favoritest item at the show. I tried to tell her that she’s a bit too small for it but she wasn’t trying to hear it. I can tell you that this very cool board that morphs into many items will be on the top of her Christmas list.
  2. Pomsies  These are so adorable. They’re a new wearable, interactive pet. We cannot wait to get one and show it lots of love and see their eyes light up.
  3. Happy Places Stables  Of course, Happy Places made the list! JustaBXgirl absolutely loves adding to her collection and the stable theme is right up her alley!
  4. Twisty Petz JustaBXgirl impressed all of her friends at school with this and then told me that she wanted to give each of her friends one for the last day of school. She also spent the week getting around the no toys to school rule by wearing it as a bracelet and transforming it on the ride to and from school.  We will definitely be getting lots of these.
  5. Lock Stars lock stars, hasbro, collectibles We are all about the collectibles. JustaBXgirl really enjoyed locking and unlocking these little creatures.
  6. Mini Fingerlings  We love Fingerlings so of course we really love the mini versions. JustaBXgirl was excited to get her hands on a blind bag and already told me that these will be must buys.
  7. Watermelon Smash yulu, watermelon smash This is going to be our summer game (once we get it). JustaBXgirl and her cousin will have lots of fun finding new items to smash over their heads in the watermelon.
  8. Super Spinner 
    I think JustaBXgirl is planning to get these to hang in all of her aunts’ backyards this summer. They are super cool and easy to assemble.  And they can hold up to 600 pounds so it is fun for the whole family.
  9. Bixbee Bookbag
    bixbee bookbags
    Can you guess which on JustaBXgirl wants for next school year?

    When she started school this year JustaBXgirl told me she really really really wanted a Bixbee bag and of course she got it, a unicorn. At TTPM she was able to check out some of their newest bags and already picked out which one she wants to rock in September.

  10. Razor Electric Scooter “I like being able to press the button and just go. Then I press it again to stop.” Yup, my child was all about the electric scooter. She can’t wait to get one and keep us with her cousins. They’s had Razors for years!

And here’s my top 5. I compromised with JustaBXgirl. I told her rather than adding duplicates to our lists we would each pick items that weren’t on the other’s list. Telling you that so that you know this was a really difficult selection for us and we both support each other’s lists.

  1. Feisty Pets feisty pets I think these are going to be every mom’s favorite toy.  They looks so sweet and innocent until they don’t LOL. I love the feisty faces these pets make. I want them all!
  2. Armogear  Laser tag is so much fun. When I was younger there were a few places to go and play in the City. Now those places no longer exist. I love being able to introduce laser tag to JustaBXgirl in a home game. This is going to be so much fun to get our hands on over the summer and play in and outdoors. She really enjoyed playing in the set up area at the show!
  3. Puzoodles puzoodlesThese are so cute I couldn’t choose my favorite. I love that they come apart and our littles get to build their own toy. You can also interchange parts on some of the characters to create a new species.
  4. Flipslide  Moose Toys has done it again. This game is fun for the whole family. I love that it can be played everywhere. We’ve been taking it with us on the train and in the car as well as playing at home.
  5. Antsy Pants  I love all of the play sets available. The poles and connectors snap together easily so the littles can help build and when done playing can easily be taken apart and stored. JustaBXgirl loves the lemonade stand and I love the pirate ship. It’s awesome that you can get a play kit and based on the size make it into a number of different products by changing the cover!

It was really difficult to narrow down our lists. A few honorable mentions that almost made the list and I am sure you will or have seen us talking about are: Poopeez, Inflate-A-Heroes, the new Peppa Pig house, and Nickelodeon’s Let’s Slime.

Some of these aren’t available in stores yet so don’t fret if there’s not a link to them.  Just add them to your wish lists so you will know when they are released.


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