August Bookshelf

August Bookshelf

We received these titles for review purposes. As always all opinions are honest and solely my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Can you believe that it is the end of August? I really can’t. I know I didn’t spend enough time reading poolside but I definitely enjoyed reading this summer and JustaBXgirl started each day “reading” three books. We’re here to share a few of the titles that topped our lists this month.

Kids Guide To Hiking– JustaBXgirl is always asking if we can co on a nature walk. This mama isn’t really a nature girl but the things we do for our littles. This book lays out information in a way that littles can understand. I have to admit that it taught me a lot too!

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Brick Building 101 – This book is awesome for LEGO lovers and parents. It contains twenty step-by-step projects that will have you feeling like a Master Builder in no time! I love how it connects STEAM to the projects so your littles don’t even realize that they’re learning while playing.

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Lulu Is A Rhinocerus– There is so much to love about this book including that every purchase of the book gives a little to help save rhinos. It is also a wonderful lesson to teach out littles. We live in a world that is always trying to tell us who we should be. What would happen if we learned to tune those people out and find a circle to support who we really are? I think this is a great way to help children begin to understand that it doesn’t matter what the world sees what matters is who they see and who they want to be!

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The Day That A Ran Away – It excites me when JustaBXgirl connects books. I love when she recognizes the style of the author or illustrator because it shows me that she does pay attention to what we read. We really enjoyed Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32 and the moment this book came in the mail she already knew it was from the same people! Where Don’t focused on math this book focuses on the alphabet and when Master Jet explains to his teacher why he doesn’t have his homework you will be just as excited to follow the adventure as your little!

The Kindness Quotient– I’ve really been working on making decisions from a place of kindness. I know that if we #growkindness the world becomes a better place but I am also honest enough to know that I don’t always give kindness. This book helps you raise your kindness quotient and even understand the different types of kindness that exist.

Glowstone Peak – JustaBXgirl told me that Selvia, the main character is smart, brave and friendly. I agree. Selvia reminds us that sometimes we need to follow our instincts and not just listen to what the crowd says. I also think she shows great leadership. It’s beautifully illustrated and whimsical while delivering an important message.

The God Gene Chronicles: The Secrets of The Gods – Representation matters! You might be used to seeing me express that on social media but it matters just as much in books. I love that this book gives many of us an intro into the deities of Hindu mythology. I love that my daughter lives during a time that superheroes look like everyone and not just one type of people. I also love that this series is said to be part Harry Potter, part Games of Thrones and part DaVinci Code. I have this put aside so I can read and then decide if it is fitting for JustaBXgirl.

Infatuation: A Novel Of Questionable Taste -Going on an end of summer vacation? Or just want to feel like you’re lounging by the pool doing some fun reading then this is the story for you. This book will come to life like some sort of hilarious Rom-Com in your mind as you read. With so much heaviness happening in our world sometimes you just need a bit of absurdity. Thanks to the characters, Fanny and Charley, you will be able to delve into the hilarity that ensues.

Bedside Manners – The relationship between mother and daughter can be a very complex one. I know it’s one I struggle with daily when it comes to who I am in both roles. Add in health issues and major life changes and whoa, you got some deep stuff. This is one of those books where you feel as if you truly get to know the characters. You’ll be wishing there were more pages to turn.

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