Family Game Night: Holiday Gift Guide Edition!!!

Family Game Night: Holiday Gift Guide Edition!!!

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I don’t know how it happens but we always find new games we need to add to our already massive collection. I’m betting you too need to add a lot of these to your collection because some of them are new! Board games are the perfect thing to bring family together. It doesn’t matter if you have a competitive crew or not you will enjoy spending time together while playing a new (or old favorite).

We also believe that board games make great gifts. They tell the recipient that you took time to think about what they like and what you think they’re good at doing. Let’s be real some games require true strategy while others are just plain silly. Whichever appeals to you keep reading because we have you covered!

There are so many to choose from this season that we have separated them by ages so if you know who’s playing you can head straight to that category!

For Littles

The Baby Beluga Game – I love this one because it isn’t about winners and losers. This is a cooperative game so it is a team effort. This game also has three levels so can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. To make it even better your family can learn about the sea life as you help the baby beluga and friends swim free.

Diggin’ Dino Bones – This is great for dino lovers. You’re a paleontologist trying to collect fossils to build a complete dinosaur. We love that one of the options to find is a Pterodactyl since that is JustaBXgirl’s favorite.

Fryin Flying Donuts – JustaBXgirl loves this game. She is also very good at this game. Me? I’m not so good at it but it is really fun. The object is to catch all your donuts first. Easier said than done!

For Not-So-Little Littles


Spy Code Hackathon – This is also a collaborative game. I think it is fun to see our older littles trying to work together.There’s a lot of pressure to hack the code before time is up. There are eight modules to solve. Can your team solve them all?

Cut The Wire – Can you keep your cool while defusing the device before it goes off? You have to use your secret clues to crack the code before your opponents do.

Flying Sushi Kitchen – To win this game all you have to do is be the first to earn $25. Sounds simple? Oh, did we mention the sushi will be flying and you have to catch it using chopsticks? This game is great for laughs and competitiveness.

Blindfolded Twister -Everyone knows and loves Twister but this version is brand new. Think you’ve mastered Twister? Think again. Now you get to try Twister blindfolded. This is bound to be tons of fun (and falling) but mainly fun!

For Adults

Friend or Faux – Think you know your friends? After playing this you will know them better than ever. This game includes 250 question cards ranging from safe to saucy and everything in between. Are you ready to play?

PaceMaker The Extreme – Do you think you have what it takes to set the pace and win the race? If you tap too fast, slow or soon you can pay the price. I put this in the adult section because the brand was very clear that it shouldn’t be played by those under 14. Or by anyone wearing a real pacemaker!

Shit Happens – I love to take this to my favorite bar and play with friends and strangers. The object is to be the first player with ten cards. You guess where you think certain situations fit into a misery index. The conversations that come out of this game are hilarious!

MacGyver The Escape Room – Remember MacGyver? He could escape from anywhere and create just the weapon, tool he needed out of almost everything. Now you can bring the escape room craze home and go through 5 one hour missions using your mind as the ultimate weapon!

True Colors – This game is so funny. It gives you the chance to see what your friends truly think of you. You read a question and then players secretly vote on who they think best fits the description. This gives you a great insight into who you really are through other people’s eyes.

Tossed Salad – Now this game is not for the meek. Do you like charades? if so, you’ll love this. I warn you that this can get a little raunchy but can be so funny. Definitely not a game to play with the littles.


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