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4 Fun Holiday Recipes Featuring Sparkling Ice


4 Fun Holiday Recipes Featuring Sparkling Ice

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    We’re not even at Christmas yet and JustaBXgirl is already asking about drinks and fancy cups for New Year’s Eve. Who is this child? Oh, right she is mine. I guess she’s just thinking she needs something fancy to drink since I’m sure she’s planning something fancy to wear. Maybe the gown and high heels she requested on her Christmas list?

    I love that I’m raising a little socialite. I’m just a little scared of how fancy she might be by the time she’s old enough for real fun and fancy drinks. Since we will probably be spending New Year’s Eve at home I wanted to find some fun drinks that everyone could enjoy. I also wanted to find drinks that didn’t have as much sugar as the apple cider and Shirley Temples by little Fancy Nancy is used to ordering when given the choice of beverages.

    Thank goodness for Sparkling Ice. They’re sugar-free and almost always found in our refrigerator. Here are three family-friendly recipes you can try, followed by one mama specials

    Cran-Apple Smash
    5 Cranberries
    2 oz. Sparkling Ice Cranberry Frost
    1 ½ oz. Cranberry Juice
    Citrus Bitters
    2 ½ oz. Apple Cider
    Orange Peel
    In a highball glass, muddle cranberries. Pour in Sparkling Ice Cranberry Frost and cranberry juice. Add 4 dashes of citrus bitter sand top with apple cider. Finish with ice and an orange peel garnish.
    Cranberry Ginger Beer
    3 oz. ginger beer
    4 oz. Sparkling Ice Cranberry Frost
    Frozen cranberries
    Grab your copper mug, add ice, ginger beer, and Sparkling Ice Cranberry Frost. Top with frozen cranberries and enjoy.
    Cranberry Mock-Mosa
    4 oz. orange juice, chilled
    3 oz. Sparkling Ice Cranberry Frost
    orange peel
    Grab your champagne flute, add chilled orange juice and Sparkling Ice Cranberry Frost. Garnish with an orange peel twist.
    Mama’s Special!!!
    Cranberry Citrus Fizz
    1 oz. Cranberry Juice
    ½ oz Orange Juice
    Juice of Half a Lime
    5 oz Sparkling Ice Cranberry Frost
    1 ½ oz Vodka
    In a tumbler, mix cranberry juice, orange juice, and juice of half a lime. Add ice, shake and strain into your glass of choice. Top with Sparkling Ice Cranberry Frost and garnish with a lime twist.

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