December Bookshelf: Start Your Baby’s Library

December Bookshelf: Start Your Baby’s Library

If you know anything about me, you know that I grew up a book nerd.  So it is only right that when Amari was born, we already had a bedroom full of books to read.  Here are some of our favorites on our shelves as well as some favorites we like to give for other people’s shelves:

Penny And The Magic Puffballs – This is the first in a series created by Alonda Williams where Penny learns through different adventures that just because her hair isn’t straight doesn’t mean that it is not perfect. She realizes that whenever she wears her hair in puffballs, magical things happen. I love that this book teaches little girls at an early age to love themselves because they are perfect just the way they are.  I also love the Magic Puffball IG page where you can see so many beautiful little girls rocking their magic puffballs.

The Giving Tree – The Giving Tree is a longtime classic about a boy and his relationship with a tree. It shows the boy in various stages of his life and how the tree is constantly giving to the boy while the boy just takes.  It’s a wonderful interpretation of the gift of giving and a serene acceptance of another’s capacity to love in return.

Hanging Out With Mom – I happened across this book when I was at my sister’s house.  She pulled it out and begged me to read it to Amari.  She then explained that she had bought the book for her daughter 11 years ago but when her daughter outgrew the book, she couldn’t bring herself to get rid of it.  So she passed it on to us.  It tells the story of a little boy who’s working mom always makes sure to find time to hang with him.  He recounts all of his favorite places and things he does when he’s hanging with mom. Being a single working mother who will do whatever I can to make time for my little guy, this one really hits home for me.

Tickle The Duck – Confession… I love any and all touch and feel books and Tickle The Duck is no exception.  It’s a modern-day version of Pat The Bunny where the duck dares children to tickle his stomach, arms other parts of his body.  He pretends to not like being tickled… but does he really?

The Little Boy (Or Girl) Who Lost His (Or Her) Name –  Confused by the title?  That’s because it is a personalized book created by Wonderbly.  I wish I could tell you how the story goes, but I can’t. It’s about a child who lost their name and goes on a journey to find it again.  However, each book is completely unique because the story is created by the letters based on your child’s name.  It’s a great gift for any child who loves to see themselves in an adventure.

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