3 Tips For Traveling To Pip’s Island…

3 Tips For Traveling To Pip’s Island…

We loved Pip’s Island when we saw it in 2017. We were super excited to be invited to a press preview earlier this month. Sadly, we missed the show. If you’ve ever traveled by public transportation in NYC on the weekend then you know you rarely get anywhere when you plan to arrive.

Tip #1: Arrive on time! This is a one-hour immersive theater performance. There is no room to be tardy for the party. Plus, it is so much fun that you will not want to miss a moment.

Tip #2: Dress comfortably. JustaBXgirl loves to be fancy. Your little can be fancy and have fun at the show but as your little will be donning a Pip’s Island Explorers vest and be on an adventure it is best to be comfortable.

Tip #3: Make friends. The show is about working together to succeed. If you’re not buying out the whole show your little will have to interact with other littles. Prepare them for this before you go in so that they can work out some of the first meet shyness while waiting with the other explorers to enter.

We are still sad that we didn’t get to see the new and improved version. Maybe we will get to see it with you. Spring Break is coming soon (or even happening now for some littles). This is a way to keep from going stir crazy. And don’t worry, parents will enjoy the show just as much as our babies do.

Here’s a summary of the show so you can help your littles prepare for their journey to Pip’s Island.

Kids and their families will join Pip, Pebble, and Finn on Expedition 12 to save the Island and defeat the villain Joules Volter. Our skilled actors will guide you through multiple purpose designed spaces, where you will face fun interactive challenges and help the story unfold. The end result is an hour-long inspirational “hero’s journey” where you will be dazzled by live performers, puppets, interactive set pieces, and animated characters. Take the journey, and find your inner spark.

Save the Island

There is an island, in another dimension just a tree portal away. It’s a special place that was formed from the “inner child energy” that lives within each and every one of us. For generations, young explorers have visited this magical Island, where they learn to harness and grow their inner spark. But now, the Island is in trouble. It needs your help explorers!

Joules Volter and his army of moles are taking over the Island and upsetting the balance of energy. They are planning to kidnap Amperes Wattson and to take over his lighthouse.

Along the way, you will collect signature achievement badges, called “Sparks”, which parallel many elements from the STEAM curriculum. You will also learn about teamwork and the value of your individual contribution.

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