What’s New With Baby Magic?

What’s New With Baby Magic?

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Baby Magic is one of those brands that makes you smile. It has probably been part of your life since before you can remember. Truth be told, it was probably part of your parents’ lives since before they remember. The family business has been around since 1951! And let me assure you they are not going anywhere. Baby Magic has only gotten better with age (kind of like me). I was recently invited to a press event to learn more about how the brand has changed and more importantly how it has remained the same because in a time when nothing seems to last forever it feels good to be able to pass a trusted brand and the memories made using it with my little.

There two very important things that will keep Baby Magic in use at my house. First, that original scent that we all know and love is here to stay. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. There is no other way to describe that beautiful scent than Baby Magic. That or pure baby. I truly believe that every baby that I have ever held has had that sweet scent that we automatically know comes from the pink bottle. I know I used it with JustaBXgirl. And you know why I used it? Not only was it a smell I knew and trusted but it was AFFORDABLE. Listen, thins mama lives a deal. Baby Magic is magic when it comes to pricing. They have products that start as low as $1.79. Yup, less than the price to get on a train in NYC.

But I don’t have to tell you any of this. You already know these things. The reason you clicked the title was to see what is new with Baby Magic not to be reminded of what you already know. As you may have noticed in the photos, Baby Magic has updated their look. Bunnies are now the Baby Magic mascot which meant that I got to hold a bunny!!! I’m so ready to get one as a pet. Did you know that rabbits can live for up to 12 years? The new look is refreshing without being so far away from the original design that you wouldn’t recognize the product.

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In addition to the Original Baby scent that we love they have added a Lavender Lullaby scent and a Sweet Buttercup scent to the family. I know Sweet Buttercup! How perfect is that? We are excited to try them all. As wonderful as the new ones smell I think the Original is still my favorite. Another update that I am completely here for is that no matter which scent you choose the formula will not contain anything to fret over. All formulas are made without sulfates, dyes, parabens, phthalates, and mineral oil. They are however made with camellia oil, marshmallow root and coconut oil.

Something else new from Baby Magic are their Multi-Purpose Hydrogel Patches. These sound ideal for comforting sunburns, fevers and more. They’re self-adhering patched that provide instant cooling relief. Oh, and for their final addition, there are now Baby Magic 3 in 1 Wipes. And the wipes are formulated with 99% water.

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