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#FashionFriday: Affordable Spring Fashion

kid city, kid city stores, spring fashion, kids fashion, kids clothes


#FashionFriday: Affordable Spring Fashion

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  • kid city, kid city stores, spring fashion, kids fashion, kids clothes

    We received a gift card so that we could shop and review the products. As always all opinions are honest and my own.

    JustaBXgirl has been picking her own clothes since she was around two years old. She has her own style and is not afraid to stand out in a room. Over the last few years, her style has changed a bit but what has stuck around is that she is very stubborn in what she will and will not wear. The amount of clothing that we have given away with tags over the years makes me sad. I remember one winter being so excited about buying her a coat that I knew she was going to love. She HATED it. Refused to wear it and I ended up giving it away. Same thing with shoes.

    Lesson learned. I no longer buy clothing when she’s not around. When we do go shopping, I’m pretty much a bag holder because now that she is old enough to understand that she has a size, she also knows to look for that size. Now, as cute as her “throw it in the bag” shopping style can be, it can also cause a bit of anxiety in this single mama on a budget.

    That’s where Kid City comes in. Not only are they one of our favorite stores to partner with they are one of our favorite stores to shop at. I know when we go shopping there I can let JustaBXgirl get a little bit looser with her selection because so much is so inexpensive. Okay, pretty much everything is value priced. And sometimes you will even find sale prices on the already low prices. I’m sure that you remember how much we enjoy them from previous posts.

    When it came time to start thinking about what we would wear for our upcoming Spring Break trip I knew that Kid City would be the perfect partner for some fun vacation items for JustaBXgirl. You won’t believe how much she was able to get for just under $100! She even bought me two pairs of shoes to match her on the trip. At $1.99 we both will be getting a bunch of the sneakers to kick around with over the summer. I’m also looking forward to making them an arts & craft project.

    Check out her video sharing her haul and let us know in the comments what you’re most looking forward to seeing her style for the trip.


    1 Comment

    1 Comment

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