It’s A Whole New World Of Aladdin Toys

It’s A Whole New World Of Aladdin Toys

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Everyone knows that Elena is my favorite Disney Princess. That’s not a secret. I need to share though that growing up, Jasmine was the princess that made me feel like I could be a Disney princess. Her hair was dark and thick like mine. Her skin reminded me of my own and her big brown eyes made me feel it was okay not to have light eyes. I know, that is a lot of pressure on Jasmine but you have to understand that when Aladdin was released in 1992 I was thirteen years old.

I wasn’t playing with toys any longer. I wasn’t even really watching that many cartoons but seeing a Brown princess meant so much to me during a time that I didn’t quite understand how much #RepresentationMatters. Jasmine has always held a special place in my heart so I must admit that when I first saw the live action trailer I was a little concerned.  And then I saw the toys. Can I share that I was hesitant to love these because they are reflective of the live action movie and not the beloved Jasmine of my youth?

That was until I got to see everything up close and personal. Then it was Beauty and The Beast all over again and I was probably more excited than JustaBXgirl. Jakks Pacific is one of my favorite brands to collaborate with because their toys are always great quality and detail.  These toys are exquisite. I can’t figure out which is my favorite from this line.

JustaBXgirl will be wearing the new Princess Jasmine dress to a movie screening of the live action film. Do your littles like to dress up to represent the movie they’re going to see? And our little fashionistas know that no outfit is complete without the right accessories. Don’t worry. Jakks has us covered there too. Your little Jasmine can be ready to twin with the live action Jasmine. And after going on an adventure to Agrabah your little can talk the tea well, over some tea with the Aladdin Agrabah Tea Set. This isn’t your everyday tea party. This set is beautiful and looks a lot more delicate than it is. If you’re not in the mood to talk over tea that is okay. Your little can invite over a friend. There is a Jasmine Musical Singing Doll available to bring some entertainment to the tea party and beyond. She sings Jasmine’s song from the movie and comes wearing the same outfit that I shared above. Twinning!

If you’re like me, one of your favorite characters after Jasmine is the Genie. Come to think about it, Aladdin isn’t even my third favorite character despite the movie being named after him! I wonder if that will change once I see the live action. Anyway, back to the Genie. Don’t you wish that you could have your own genie lamp? Now you can? I don’t even want to share this toy with JustaBXgirl. It is definitely JustaBXgranpa’s favorite from the bunch. The Aladdin Magic Genie Lamp shakes and lights up different colors. It is the funnest and funniest thing ever.

So, now that I am thinking about it, maybe  I do have a favorite. I simply adore the jewelry box. Maybe because of the whole magic carpet thing. There is just something completely perfect about this box. JustaBXgirl loves that it comes with a ring in the drawer. I didn’t even need that. I would have been happy just watching the scenery change on the magic carpet ride!

The best part is that there really is a toy available for every type of Aladdin fan. And so many of these toys go hand in hand with so many of our other items at home. The tea set is the perfect addition to JustaBXgirl’s Disney Princess Kitchen. The doll will be hanging out with ALL of JystaBXgirl’s other dolls including singing Elena, Ariel and Belle, hmm, does she have a singing Belle? Or does one of her dolls just wear a Belle costume??? The costume goes with all the other princess costumes JustaBXgirl has. She didn’t have a Jasmine because she had never connected to her but with the movie coming out that is changing. This Princess Jasmine is about to open Agrabah up to a whole new generation! The jewelry box might get her to let me finally get rid of another jewelry box that I accidentally broke the leg off of and the Genie lamp? Well, that is going to keep entertaining JustaBXgranpa for hours at a time.


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