June Bookshelf – What You Reading?

June Bookshelf – What You Reading?

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We received many of these titles for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links.

You know this mama likes to brag on my baby. I recently had my final parent-teacher conference at JustaBXgirl’s school. Yes, she’s still in school! Her final reading assessment of the year had her at a Level M. She started this year barely reading and is now reading well above grade level so you know I am extremely proud. Her teachers also expressed that in the next few weeks she should be reading Level N books.
The thing is summer is a crucial time for kids. I’m a huge believer that they need to be outdoors as much as possible and deserve a break from school BUT the summer slide is real. Part of the reason that JustaBXgirl was able to fly through reading levels is that we value books at home. I’ve read her chapter books since she was tiny. Not only do I think reading to her so frequently has helped her imagination but it has helped her vocabulary and her comprehension skills. Our passion for reading is why I share our monthly bookshelves with you. And trust me these only cover a small number of what we read each month.
Here are a few reads that have captured our attention this month:

The Monster Catchers – This book was a bit intense for JustaBXgirl. And rightfully so because it isn’t for our little littes. It was written more in mind for the 8-11 range but let me tell you this mama enjoyed it. It is a world where monsters truly exist. It will also make us rethink all that we think we know about many mythical creatures. The fairies in this book are not the cute little pixie dust pouring type. They’re a tad bit vicious and love Kool-Aid. This book is great for adventure seekers and can start many great conversations between parent and child if you read it together. It is a perfect portrayal of children learning that their parents aren’t always right.

Don’t Drink The Pink – Any book about a girl and her grandpa is a winner in our home. Add is that this is a book by B.C.R. Fegan and Lenny Wen! JustBXgirl loves receiving books from this dynamic duo. I’m sure you have read previous bookshelves that featured The Day That A Ran Away and Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32. This book has quickly become a favorite. It is full of love and magic but did make us a bit sad. It is a great book for littles climbing that reading ladder. It is not a completely easy read but has enough repetition that makes it possible for even the not so strong readers to make it through.

SEN Super Powers The Classroom Mystery a book about ADHD – I’m super excited about this series. I constantly talk to JustaBXgirl about people learning in different ways. We regularly talk about how some students have more difficulties than others and why that might be. The SEN Superpowers series brings those talks to life in a way that she (and others) can really understand. The ADHD one was a favorite because there are students in JustaBXgirl’s class that have been diagnosed with ADHD but when you’re 6 that doesn’t mean much. Seeing the why makes it easier to understand the behavior. JustaBXgirl understood why Izzy was having trouble focusing because the story shared from Izzy’s point of view. I feel it was able to serve as an aha moment when she thinks of some of the behaviors she sees in her classmates. This series would be perfect for reading times in classes.

SEN Super Powers The Map Challenge a book about dyslexia – This is another book in the SEN (Special Education Needs) Superpowers series.  I love how the students with the “special needs” truly are the superheroes in this book. You all know that I am HUGE on Representation Matters and this is no different. Children with learning disorders deserve to see themselves as heroes as well and this series is a great start to which I hope many follow. We gifted these books to my cousin who happens to be a special education teacher. We thought that they would be a perfect addition to her growing library.

Karsyn’s Path  The Land of Enigami-This is another book about the bond between grandpa and granddaughter. Karsyn remembers stories that her grandpa tells her and wants to find out if one very special one is true. Along the path to discovery, she remembers many life lessons that her grandfather has shared with her. This is a great book for a summer read because once you are finished with it you will want to head out and go on your own adventure.

1-2-3 Predators Bite – Even though JustaBXgirl is beyond board books she still enjoys the ease that she can get through them. Couple that with the fact that this is about predators and it quickly became a book she wouldn’t part with. There are so many different lessons that come out of this book I personally think it is good for a number of different ages. And the fact that it is published by one of our favorite places is an added perk.

Encyclopedia Of Animals – This book is scheduled for an October release. We were blessed to receive an advance copy. This book contains over 500 creatures! The illustrations are beautiful and make littles interested in perusing the pages for hours at a time. I’m sure you will have no trouble spotting your favorite animal in the pages and might even find a new favorite when you check out the tidbits shared.

Atlas Of Oceans Adventures – Currently available for pre-order on Amazon. If your little is interested in sea life this is a perfect addition to your home library. JustaBXgirl might have been studying to be a marine biologist at three. I always admit that most of my marine life knowledge comes from her, Octonauts and Wild Kratts. Now that she is able to read more complex works this is a good addition to our shelves. It shares information on different marine life including interesting facts and where to find them. And the illustrations are just beautiful.

Where There Is Love…We Are One – This book fits perfectly into our home. JustaBXgirl and I regularly remind each other that love is our purpose. Our reason for walking this Earth is to share love. We grow love by sharing it with others. This book is a sweet message reminding us that love is universal and can be shared throughout cultures no matter how different they might appear.

The Real Estate’s – I’m sure that you know how much I value financial literacy. Too often we don’t talk about money with our children then, later on, we wonder why they don’t value money and learn how to build assets. This book is a great introduction to what real estate is. It does a wonderful job of introducing new vocabulary for children (and even some adults). The bonus for me is that the characters in the book are People Of Color.

The Witch of Willow Hall – I really enjoyed reading this book. It has a lot of sadness in it but through the entire book, you feel the strength that simmers through the pages. From the beginning pages, you know that Lydia is a special girl but even she has no idea how special she is until her family is pretty much banished to Willow Hall.  You will feel all of the emotions as you read the book and be drawn into all of the characters fears and dramas.


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