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Christmas In July: Christmas Card Planning

basic invite, personalized christmas cards


Christmas In July: Christmas Card Planning


    basic invite, personalized christmas cards

    This is a sponsored post. As always opinions are honest and my own.

    I know, I know. It is July. But you know what they say…Winter Is Coming! I know you don’t want to even begin thinking about the holidays but they are coming. And by the number of holiday pitches that have been finding their way into my inbox, we might blink and be in December! Of course, I have started my Christmas shopping already. I usually begin on December 26th. I also buy wrapping paper as soon as it goes on clearance so overall, I am always prepared for the holidays.

    The one place that for some reason ALWAYS catches me by surprise is holiday cards. I don’t know what it is but I can never get my life together enough to send out Christmas cards. Every year, I say will be the year I am a real adult and I will send out beautiful cards featuring the perfect photo of me and JustaBXgirl. And every year I don’t. It is like I have a mental block that only makes me think of the cards when we start receiving the most precious ones in the mail from our family and friends that apparently are a lot more together than I am!

    This year that changes!!! I am planning early. And with Basic Invite, I don’t have to stress. They have so many options when it comes to personalized Christmas cards that I know I can find a design that will work for us. One of the things that I really love is that once I pick a design I can change the color of each element on the card. There are over 180 different color options to make sure the card is exactly how I want it down to the littlest detail. If you know me then please believe that I will be tweaking the design from now until November looking to make it perfect. I think that this might be my favorite thing about the Basic Invite site because part of why I have never followed through on my cards is that I get easily frustrated if something isn’t exactly how I want it. Allowing us to change each detail while keeping to the overall design we like is a gift.

    That’s not the only gift they offer though. Another awesome thing on the site is that Basic Invite allows customers the ability to order a printed sample of their actual invitation so they can see exactly how it will print as well as the paper quality before they ever have to place their final order. This makes me feel much better than ordering 200 cards to find out that the photo I use doesn’t print well. And I’m only slightly exaggerating about 200. I’m Puerto Rican with over 30 first cousins so if I send out holiday cards I need to print a bunch. Between family, friends and business contacts. Whew! Maybe I should do a few designs.

    And don’t worry. If you’re not ready to think about holiday cards, Basic Invite has you covered on all types of invitations and stationery needs. Here’s a discount code as an early holiday gift from me to you: 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51 



    1. Ruby A CRUZ

      July 13, 2019 at 8:12 pm

      I absolutely love Christmas in JULY, I try to get the best deals so by the time holiday madness starts
      I am just wrapping gifts. thanks for tips and discount code

    2. Karen, the next best thing to mummy

      August 7, 2019 at 1:07 pm

      I shop for Christmas all year round, getting gifts in the sales whenever possible #alittlebitofeverything@_karendennis

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