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Get Into The “Spirit” With These Kid Friendly Halloween Movies!

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Get Into The “Spirit” With These Kid Friendly Halloween Movies!

Get Into The “Spirit” With These Kid Friendly Halloween Movies!

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  • I am not really big on the holidays, but I sure do love Halloween! Wait… is Halloween even a holiday?  I remember my mom scrambling up her money to get mine and my siblings costumes at the 11th hour and being so excited to try them on in the mirror.  Planning our candy route was always my job because I was the brains of the crew LOL! It was really the first time as kids that you were excited since the end of the summer depression kicked in.  Then of course, there’s the movies! All of the cool Halloween movies that we would gather around to watch! We couldn’t wait for all of the creepy, crawly, gory movie marathons to air.  Now that my little guy Amari is here, the tradition is still the same.. minus the blood and gore of course.  I cant wait to sit with him, pop some popcorn and watch some of these not-so-scary, child friendly witchy movie classics!

    Here are 31 of my favorites (in no particular order).  Do you have a boo-loved movie that I missed?  Drop a comment below!

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