October Bookshelf – Don’t Be Scared

October Bookshelf – Don’t Be Scared

Hopefully, you have had time to settle back into school and it hasn’t been too scary.  I know you came looking for some Halloween titles but might have to disappoint you. Don’t worry, some of these titles might scare you in different ways. Seriously though, with the weather changing it is the perfect time to grab a book, find a nook, grab some coffee, tea, hot cocoa or any other beverage of your choice and sit back with a good book. I’m really working on getting JustaBXgirl to love reading to herself as much as she loves me reading to her so I am trying to fill her bookshelves with fun and diverse topics. Here are a few that hopped into our home recently and my thoughts on them.

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In Case You’re Curious: Questions About Sex From Young People With Answers From The Experts – I’m hoping not to have to have the S-E-X talk with JustaBXgirl for a while. I mean, she’s only six. The thing is, the years fly by and with so many avenues for information existing in our current society I want to make sure when she starts getting curious she gets more than fake news. I want to prepare myself for what to expect and what to share. Books like this are needed in home libraries. I plan to read it from front to back and keep it on our shelves for when she is looking for answers. If you have a teen or tween in your life I suggest doing the same. Maybe even get it for your yougin’ as a holiday gift or a back to school book.

Encyclopedia Of Animals – We love animals. Having this in our collection is a perfect way to refresh our trivia and learn some new facts. With 300 species included in this edition, there are enough animals to keep my little animal lover busy for a while.

The Hadley Academy – I’m really excited to add this to our library. It is just the type of book that I read to JustaBXgirl. It deals with friendship and overcoming low expectations. It allows us to use our imagination and think of the world and all the secrets it might hold.

Yum, Yummy, Yuck – This is a great book for littles. It’s a fun way to teach babies about different foods and what they shouldn’t eat. It’s the perfect addition for baby showers and first birthdays since these days many families prefer books to cards.

Taxi Ride With Victor – This book is as much for adults as it is for littles. Children will love the silliness of Victor getting lost and distracted. Adults will be reminded that sometimes we don’t know where we need to be until we arrive! This will be a bookshelf favorite for long to come.

What’s Cooking At 10 Garden Street? – Caution, reading this book will make you hungry! This is a great book for littles that like to help in the kitchen. The illustrations are beautiful and the recipes are presented in a simple way that littles truly can help bring them to life. It also allows families to introduce new cultures and recipes to your littles. And if you have a selective aka picky eater reading about these new foods might get them interested in trying new things.

A Dragon On The Roof – You’ve heard me share how I love seeing books brought to life. This story does the reverse. It turns a real-life home into a storybook and it is the perfect way to introduce littles to a few different things. First, the main character, Paloma is brave, strong and curious which are great traits to find in anyone. Next, her home in the book is a real building in Spain that was designed by Antoni Gaudi. This is the perfect gift for a child that dreams of creating buildings or visiting Spain. It is also a wonderful way to introduce the artistry and talent of Antoni Gaudi.

Mastering Modern Calligraphy -I’ve always thought that calligra[hy was beautiful but something that I would never be able to figure out. This book gives me hope! It’s a wonderful place to begin and even pick back up for those that are already familiar with calligraphy.


Bad Day – I LOVED THIS BOOK. Maybe, I identified with it because the first time I read it I too was having a difficult day. This book is a great reminder that sometimes the best way to calm our emotions is to just sit alone. It is also a reminder for us adults that our littles are dealing with complete days and struggles of their own. They don’t always need us to fix what is wrong. Sometimes they need us to give them the space to figure it out themselves. I know that JustaBXgirl can have some pretty big emotions at times. So can I. And I’m betting so, can you. This is a good book to have in a home library for those difficult times.

How Winston Delivered Christmas – We are always looking for fun ways to countdown to Christmas. This year we will be celebrating with Winston to see just how he delivers Christmas!

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