Calico Critters Christmas

Calico Critters Christmas

Calico Critters Christmas Gifts
We received these products for review purposes. As always all opinions are honest and our own

I’m sure that I have shared this before and I am sure that I will share it again and again. One of my favorite things to do is watch JustaBXgirl get lost in a world of pretend. She can go into her play area and just disappear for hours into a pretend world full of excitement, shopping, celebrating and friendship. Hmm, her fantasy world doesn’t sound too different from her everyday life! I jest. Kind of. Seriously though my people. listen to how your littles play to know what you are pouring into them.

ferris wheel

They will use language you use. They will use experiences from their everyday life and make them more dramatic. And trust me, your girl JustaBXgirl has a flair for the drama! Pretend play is also a great way to allow littles to work their way their curiosity or real-world dilemmas. Two of JustaBXgirl’s friends don’t always get along and she regularly plays mediator. Sometimes I will see her act out scenes where two of her dolls have disagreements or just don’t get along and another doll will step in to help. Sometimes she uses pretend play as a way to test the waters on something with me. Her dolls will have opinions that might differ from me and she will watch to see my reaction.

I know there will come a day when she no longer uses her toys to work through her wild ideas. I know one day she will style and redecorate her dollhouses and playsets for the last time. I just hope and pray that the day doesn’t come for a really long time. I get just as excited as she does when she pulls me over to see who has moved into what home. I am in awe of the many different ways she figures to move furniture from one house to another to create a brand new world. I love watching how she takes different brands and builds a whole new world.

christmas box

When a very special package arrived from our friends at Calico Critters a few weeks ago we were both so very excited because we knew the fun inside would allow endless possibilities of fun. We weren’t prepared for just how much fun would be included. Christmas came early thanks to our friends. If you follow us on Instagram then you have seen how huge the package was. We weren’t home the day the box was delivered so it was left at our neighbor’s apartment. When I stopped by to get it the neighbor told me to have JustaBXgrandpa get it because it was so big. I laughed and said okay thinking they were exaggerating. They weren’t. The box was HUGE. I think JustaBXgirl lived in it for a few days after we unboxed it.

When it comes to brands you know we cover many. Yet, we still have some favorites. Shh, don’t tell the other brands. For real though, there are some brands that just mean a lot to us for many reasons. Calico Critters is one of those brands. Epoch has created something that has truly lasted for generations. I must admit that it is a brand that is dear to my heart because of the relationship that JustaBXgirl has with it. I still remember her little self running over to the Calico Critters table at her first TTPM showcase. She did not want to leave the table and we must have returned to it at least five times. She was captivated by the details and has so much fun that it was truly love at first sight.


But you’re not here to have me reminisce about my baby’s first Calico Critters. You are here to find out what is in the box so you know what your little Calico Critter fan will be looking for under the tree. I got you! Here is what we were blessed to receive:

calico critters blind bags

Baby Party Series Blind Bags – It’s a party. It’s a party! There are nine figures to collect in the series. Each figure comes with an accessory to help get the party started right! JustaBXgirl loves the pup with the piano and I love the kitty with the bowling set. Yes, these are true party animals! Get it? Party animals!!! Will you get the mystery figure? These will make great gifts for stocking stuffers and class friend gifts. I try to get JustaBXgirl’s school friends small things like this so that she learns that it isn’t the size of a gift but the meaning behind it that matters.

calico critters, stella and cinnamon rabbit

Cute Couple Set – Stella and Cinnamon Rabbit make a darling couple. They can hold hands and carry the bouquet of flowers included in the set. The best thing is us parents can say things like, “oh look. Stella got her groove back,” and our littles will not get the joke. These dolls fit perfectly in the Town series but truly can be part of any background.

red roof country home gift set

Red Roof Country Home Gift Set – When Stella gets tired of the hustle and bustle of the city she can head home and visit her mom and little sister. Once again, can we talk about the details??? JustaBXgirl absolutely loves the toaster that pops the toast. JustaBXgirl sits Stella’s little sister at the desk so that she can finish her homework while mama rabbit cooks on the stove. Art imitating life or life imitating art?

calico critters

Red Roof Cozy Cottage – You’re not seeing double. Consider this the starter home for the Country Home. It is the perfect little cottage. And when you’re ready to upgrade you don’t have to worry about getting rid of this one. It can be attached to the Red Roof Country Home to make that home even grander! JustaBXgirl likes to turn the cottage into a school. I’m telling you her imagination is wonderful.

calico critters

Sweet Raspberry Home – This home is another wonderful addition to the Calico Critters Village and is found exclusively at Walmart. Our favorite part of this home is the slide that comes with it. Sometimes it is part of a playground and other times it becomes a bed for a baby figure. This property can also be added to the Red Roof properties to make them even bigger.

Elegant Town Manor Gift Set – This is probably JustaBXgirl’s favorite set. She loves everything about it and redecorates it regularly. The chandelier included is absolutely GORGEOUS. This is the perfect home for Stella. And the version of Stella that comes with this set has a dress that you won’t find in any other set.  It is a very posh set. The perfect place for Stella to entertain her guests.

calico critters

Designer Studio – You’re not seeing double. JustaBXgirl has had this set for a while but it was included in our HUGE Christmas box so I wanted to talk about it again. The designer studio is a very important set. Stella headed to Town and got herself a job being a dress designer so of course, she needs a studio to create her fashions. JustaBXgirl uses her extra Stella dolls to serve as mannequins in the studio. Now that she has two studios one of her favorite things to do is add them to the Grand Manor and create a four-story home.

I love that all of the sets really allow children to decide what goes where. Many items can be moved around and placed in a number of ways. That means that every time littles play with the set they can have a new experience. Being able to build up by combining sets is also great for saving room. I appreciate that they all fit together for storage purposes. When you live in a tiny space as we do then you have to always look for ways to conserve space.

While all of these are beautiful, quality and sturdy please remember that due to small pieces are not recommended for children under three years old.



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