Holiday Gift Guide: Something For Everyone!

Holiday Gift Guide: Something For Everyone!

We received some of these items as review items. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links.

This post is for those of you still struggling to find the RIGHT gift for the hard to shop for people on your list. Trust me, I get it. Some people are really difficult to shop for. Now, I have already begun shopping for JustaBXgirl’s 2020 Christmas gifts. Don’t hate me. Yet, there are a few people on my list that still have me going, “hmm.” I hope that this final gift guide will help you check those last names off. I’ve even included the 2020 item on this list. Let me know in the comments you think it is.

Swan Princess – Kingdom of Music – Hard to believe the original movie came out TWENTY-FIVE years ago. My bet is that many of you reading this were watching that installment when you were not much older than your little is today. That is why I picked this movie for this list. It truly is a gift for everyone. This is the ninth film in the series so if you really wanted to commit you can pick them all up and spend holiday break reminiscing on the past twenty-five years!

Toy Story 4 – If there was a kid movie that meant something to parents this year then it had to be Toy Story 4. The fourth film in the Tor Story franchise was one of the most anticipated releases and now it can be brought home. Even if someone hasn’t seen the previous films (who, who hasn’t seen them), they can still fall in love with the old and new characters in this installment.

The Big Bang Theory Complete Collection – There is no reason that I need to explain why this is the best gift ever. Did you read what it is? Every episode of The Big Bang Theory. As I type this, I am singing the theme song. And there is so much more included in this set than just the episodes. You get almost TWELVE hours of extras PLUS a lay-flat book that comes with pop up art!

Knuckle Headz – so these are pretty fun for everyone but I’m going to suggest them for the younger bunch because I adore the squeals of delight that happen when a little little sees them in action for the first time. These are popular for us this holiday. I have them wrapped under the tree for JustaBXgirl and a few of her cousins. They can be crashed again and again and are simple enough for the littles to put back together.

My First Totem – We have so many Smart Toys games at home. They are one of JustaBXgirl and her cousin’s go-to activities. The SmartMax My First products are perfect for the younger ones. These have quickly become a favorite gift for the younger crowd. I adore the bright colors and cute features. It offers littles the opportunity to try to complete challenges or just have fun.

My First Dinosaurs – This is another fun one from Smart Toys. This is great for all dinosaur lovers and a great way to be silly and come up with some new dino combos. It comes with fourteen pieces and is compatible with other SmartMax sets. This is the perfect way to introduce these toys to tiny tots.

Build Buddiez™ Snowman Craft Kit 3Pack – This is the perfect gift for a family with multiples or for a cousin playdate. We will be taking this down to Florida in January so that JustaBXgirl can build a snowman with her godbrother and godsister. I love the three pack because it will allow them to parallel play with the freedom to create their own. They can also share pieces and come up with silly snowmen.

Journey Girls – These dolls make me smile. They combine JustaBXgirl’s love of all things creative, her nurturing spirit and her love of adventure. Watching her imagination go into overdrive coming up with stories about her dolls is one of my favorite things. These eighteen-inch dolls are on my everyone list because they are perfect for play or to collect. They have a modern feel in a classic toy.

Rosa Parks Barbie – This is another perfect for play or collecting. The Inspiring Women Series from Mattel makes me smile. It is a great way to introduce historic women to littles that might not be ready to really take in the impact that the woman had on our society. The Rosa Parks doll opens the door for a lot of discussion around segregation and race relations that I have already begun explaining to JustaBXgirl. It will allow her to begin working through some of what I am teaching her through play. If you haven’t begun or thought of teaching your children about these issues then this might be a great way or you might buy this for your baby and simply let it be another beautiful Barbie. Either way, it would be a great gift.

Buddy Phones – These are JustaBXgirl’s first pair of wireless headphones and she is a bit OBSESSED. She wears them even when they aren’t connected to anything. She even takes them to school where her teachers let her keep them in class so she can use them during tablet time! I know, I was shocked too. These are great for littles so you don’t have to worry about them getting tangled in the wire and great for not so littles because they get to feel like grown-ups. They do come with a wire and four volume settings.

Zing Air Storm ZTek Bow – There is something about a bow and arrow that grabs everyone’s interest. Forget your old school not going anywhere one though. The Zing Bow is serious business. This one can make it up to 100 feet! Can’t wait until the weather warms up to use this thing in my cousin’s backyard.

Friends Quote Cards – Can these BE the more perfect gift for Friends? My biggest issue with them is deciding which of my FRIENDS loving friends to give them too. Fortunately, the price point is so good that you really don’t have to choose. They are a great way to revisit favorite moments of the series and maybe bring back the art of letter writing. Or at least dropping a quick “thinking of you” message on the back of a postcard and sending it out.

Boon Bento Lunch Box – Sometimes we need to do a little more of giving what they need. Don’t feel judged because I’m talking to myself as well! How many lunchboxes have been lost or left completely gross by this point in the school year? I adore that these really do work for all ages. They are cool and modern enough for the older group but durable and fun enough for the littles. JustaBXgirl says that she is going to drink out of the reusable ice pack so I have to make sure to use filtered water! As the parent of a child that can’t have her food touching, I adore the set-up of this box.

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