December BookShelf: End of The Year Reads

December BookShelf: End of The Year Reads

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We received many of these books for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links.

The holidays are beginning to wrap up and the new year is coming. I wanted to take a quick moment from all of the festivities to share a few titles that I have been reading, have read or will be reading to help me walk through 2020 with a clear vision. Always forward and rarely back. I won’t say, never back because sometimes we need to revisit where we have been to make better choices on where we should go. This December list is filled with titles that can help me keep my vision clear.

Raising The Challenging Child – I am blessed with a very well-behaved little. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t act out at times. I am always looking for resources that help me when she does. I speak a lot in my everyday life about breaking generational curses and learning how to discipline in a way that doesn’t dampen our relationship and dim her personality is one of those curses that I am crushing. With chapters entitled, “Respond, Don’t React,” and “Celebrate Who Your Child Really Is,” I know that this book is aligned with the type of parent I want to be.

Mo’s Bows – Some of you know and all of you should that JustaBXgirl started a company. Her company is called JustABow. Moziah Bridges started his own company, Mo’s Bows when he was nine. These kids did not come to play. They also don’t think it is all about them. Moziah has written a book with his mom to help other young people start their own businesses. And you best believe that we are taking notes. And there are plenty of notes to take from this book. And it’s not just for littles. I’m using the tips in my own companies as well as JustaBXgirl’s!

Beyond Piggy Banks And Lemonade Stands – Remember those generational curses that I mentioned earlier? Well, finances are on the top of that list. So often we don’t share financial information with littles then wonder why they always ask for things that cost a gazillion dollars and are worth two. We don’t explain bill paying and credit and taxes and so much more then we wonder why as adults so many people go into debt. We NEED to teach our littles about money early on so they develop a respect and not fear of all things financial. This book is a great guide for parents on how to do just that. It makes things simple and honestly might teach us a few things too.

Be Fearless – “This book is a call to action for those who seek to live extraordinary lives.” When I read that line I knew Jean Case was speaking to me. I cannot settle for mediocracy in a world as amazing as ours. She has written a book that can speak to everyone. She wants us all to be fearless and breaks down for us how we can live a life of breakthroughs and purpose using five principles.

The School Choice Road Map – Our children’s education is probably one of the scariest decisions we will ever make. Where we send them to get their education is also where we send them to create their first true social circle. It is where they will have the lessons we have taught them at home reinforced or challenged. This book breaks down some of the choices we have when deciding where to send our littles. It breaks down the different types of schools and helps us to identify the type of learning institution that we are looking for. This book is a great resource if you have a little not yet school-aged or if you have one in school but are trying to figure out if they are in the correct setting.

KeeKee’s Big Adventures In London England – KeekKee definitely does have a big adventure in London. This is a great way to introduce a new culture and country to littles. This is the perfect book to surprise them with if you are planning a vacation soon. It shares facts and features landmarks that will interest not only your little but you. This is the fifth book in the series and now I want to collect the rest.

Backyard To Backpack – I cannot share how excited I am that this book is FINALLY available in the US. I’ve been following Evie and Emmie’s story on Instagram since right before they took off on what was supposed to be a year trip but turned into so much more. This family means so much to me even though they live a world away and we have never met in person. Evie is a solo mum that has learned to play by her own rules and is a constant inspiration. Her transparency and authenticity are hard to find in the world. I got emotional reading the prologue and I bet you will too!

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