April Bookshelf

April Bookshelf

I hope that you all are spending some of this time at home reading. I will admit, I have not done enough of my own reading lately but I have read a bunch of really cool books with JustaBXgirl. I normally do my personal reading commuting to and from school dropoff and pickup. Since right now the commute means turning on the computer I haven’t been checking out my personal reading list. However, the silver lining is that JustaBXgirl has been reading her little butt off. She likes to wake up about an hour earlier than I do every day to enjoy some non-rushed time. She spends that hour getting ready for the day then snuggles up in bed to do some reading before my alarm clock jostles me out of the covers.

Yup, sometimes she is the true adult in our duo. Whatever! I am not an early riser and never have been. I make it work when I have to but if she doesn’t need to be signed into class until 9:30a then I don’t need to be awake at 7a. In case, you’re looking for some new titles to share with your littles here is some of what she has read on her own, during her storytime videos and together with me this month.

The Supadupa Kid – We ate this book up. Thankfully the second installment will be out in a few months. The added perk is that the author has spent the past few weeks hosting an online book club discussing a chapter a day. It is a fun, easy read that is full of action and friendship.

When Pencil Met Eraser – JustaBXgirl has probably read this book twenty times since getting it. It is a really cute read about how we might be awesome apart but we are even better together.

A Tiny Step Forward – Grief is difficult for adults to handle so we can’t expect littles to master it without providing them resources to help. Sadly, during the current climate death is everywhere. Having simple stories around that are prepared to help explain the topic to our little ones is so very important.

Chester Chipmunk Will Not Sleep – Doesn’t it always seem like right at bedtime there are a million things that your little needs? Just mine? Fortunately for Mama Chipmunk she is not playing games. She is ready to show Chester all of the adventure waiting for him in his dreams.

A Tuesday Kind Of Love – One thing that I have shared with JustaBXgirl since way before she could talk, was that all families are unique. Every family will not look the same but they all will be founded in LOVE. This book was fun to add to our library because it was a reminder of that lesson. It also was a great way to talk about how it is okay for things to not be okay. When love changes it is important to talk about it and do what is best for everyone. And I love how it ended on the importance of respect for others.

Magic Treehouse – A Perfect Time For Pandas – So, I didn’t actually read this book! JustaBXgirl chose it for her independent reading book for school. She read me a few paragraphs out loud and it sounded like another adventurous story. We’ve read multiple books from the Magic Treehouse series and I love that she now chooses to read them on her own.

Royal Academy Rebels Misfits – This is the second time we are reading this book. We loved it the first time and I think I already featured it in a previous bookshelf but when there are hundreds of books at home to read and your 7-year-old asks to reread one that she can still remember it makes the list twice! It is full of adventure, princesses, fashion and friends. In other words, it was written just for my child.

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