At-Home Summer Camp!

At-Home Summer Camp!

JustaBXgirl has been invited to attend one week of summer camp for free. As always, all opinions expressed are honest and my own.

Summer, summer, summertime. Usually, at this point in the school year, we are itching for it to be over. We are daydreaming about all the adventures we will be having during summer break. I’m not so sure about you but in my home, things are very different this year. I know some cities and states are considering opening back up but that doesn’t mean my household will. It also means that I have to be creative on how we will be enjoying summer break.

I know a lot of parents are used to sending their littles to summer camp and might be freaking out a bit because many summer camps will be closed. Don’t fret, Jette! We got you covered. Well, not us personally but our friends at Camp Supernow. They get it. You have been busy trying to balance it all and need a break. Camp Supernow is not distance-learning where you need to be at ears’ length to jump in and help the littles when they don’t get something. Now, don’t get too silly. They do expect you to be home but you don’t need to be in the room unless you think it’s helpful for your child. The camp counselors will text you in real-time if you are needed in the session or your child needs support.

Camp Supernow camp. For one hour a day, your little will be virtually transported to summer camp, complete with camp counselor and cabin mates! You have two options on the type of cabin your little will be in. You can have a private cabin with other campers you personally know OR allow it to run more like regular camp and be in a mixed cabin so that your littles make new friends. I’ll be honest. At first, I wanted JustaBXgirl to be in a private cabin. I thought it would be wonderful for her and some friends to participate together so the counselor wouldn’t have to also get the littles to know each other virtually. Still though, the more I think about it, the more I think I want her in a mixed cabin so that she can make new friends.

This will be the first time that JustaBXgirl attends camp. A few years ago she really, really wanted to go but she was still too young and camp in NYC is really expensive. Last summer, she was given the opportunity to go to a camp that one of her previous teachers would be working at but she decided that she didn’t want to have to go every day and lose the opportunity to go with the flow. Instead, we did what we normally do. We created many wonderful memories at home, outside, and visiting family and borrowing their backyards.

This summer will be different. Camp and some sort of schedule will be helpful. And I appreciate that it will only be an hour a day. Littles attention spans only hold for so long. We always talk about the perils of screen time yet during this new normal we are asking littles to spend the entire day on the screen. I appreciate that Camp Supernow will only be an hour a day. That is enough time to keep littles engaged, entertained, and excited for more.

You can decide the schedule that works for your little. You can enroll them in camp for one week or longer. Normally, Camp Supernow is $100 a week. They have kindly offered our readers a $25 discount on the first week. That will give you the chance to see if it works for your family. All you have to do is use promo code JUSTABXMOM when enrolling.

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