Delayed Disney

Delayed Disney

NYC entered the first phase of reopening after the #NYPAUSE caused by COVID-19 this week. The city is finally reopening but I am not ready to venture out beyond need. It’s crazy to think that a few short months ago a day at home was far and few between for me and JustaBXgirl but now it is our normal. I don’t mind it so much. The days are still flying by and she is still an overall happy child but we do miss doing things and seeing friends and family.

This week, I am kind of sad because this was supposed to be a travel time for us. JustaBXgirl originally had Thursday and Friday off from school and we were supposed to head down to visit family in Orlando and give JustaBXgrandpa his first Disney Experience since I was two! It was really hard for me to cancel our flights. I waited probably until the beginning of May because I wanted to “keep hope alive.”

We are living in unprecedented times. There’s no playbook on how to feel, what to do, or even what to expect. When you’re feeling overwhelmed please remind yourself of that. I know there are much bigger issues at play than me not having a midyear vacation but right now I am allowing myself to be sad about it. Not boohoo shutdown sad but disappointed sad.

This was a celebration trip. It was to celebrate JustaBXgrandpa’s birthday. It was to celebrate Father’s Day for JustaBXgrandpa and JustaBXgirl’s goddaddy. It was to celebrate my birthday. It was to celebrate my goddaughter’s birthday. We were going to party like it’s 1999 and stay up past bedtime.

JustaBXgirl was ready to show JustaBXgrandpa all of her favorite Disney spots and now we have to wait. I am hoping that the new normal will be established enough by January so that I will feel safe and secure enough to take our annual trip for JustaBXgirl’s birthday.

If you don’t plan to wait that long that is okay. I’m paranoid and don’t want to not have the full Disney experience when I visit. I also think about the cast members that have no choice but to go back to work and don’t want to add to the strain on the crowds they will be dealing with.

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If you haven’t heard the parks will be resuming operations in July. I applaud Disney at not jumping the gun and taking their time with the reopening. They are being cautious and trying to maintain much of the Disney Magic but let’s be real it won’t be possible. At least in my opinion. I think about the frustration I see from visitors as they wait in line to get their bags checked. Now they will also have to have temperature checks.

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The amount of guests that come off feeling entitled isn’t going to make the changes smooth or simple. And this is all me hypothesizing because it seems to be working okay at Universal Studios. I’m sad that meet and greets will not be happening and neither will parades and shows. I know that those are some of the major reasons we go to the parks, I’m elated that Disney is putting cast members first with these precautions but I’m interested in seeing how it truly works. I know, I know, they’ve been doing it at Shanghai but let’s be real, Shanghai Disney isn’t populated by entitled American visitors. And if you think that I am exaggerating about entitlement go check out some of the comments left after Disney made their announcements!

Will you be visiting Disney or any other theme parks anytime soon?

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