September Bookshelf

September Bookshelf

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School started for JustaBXgirl a few weeks ago. I know, that might have you confused since you know that we’re based out of NYC and public schools here are just a mess and full of delays, JustaBXgirl is in a charter school and while it is filled with a whole bunch of its own mess it has figured out how to educate our littles in the moment.

I’ve never expected other people to be completely responsible for my little’s education so to me reading is so very important right now. JustaBXgirl is expected to be on a screen for many hours out of the day so when she’s not in school I don’t really want her to be on a screen. We’ve been doing a lot of reading time. Many of these books are new(ish) to our library and are already getting lots of love.

What Is Beautiful? – Can we take a moment to admire how stunning this cover is? Thanks. Now, let’s look into the amazing message found inside the book. Each page has more magnificent illustrations and reminds us what really defines beauty. This is a marvelous addition to any library.

The Scary Book – This is JustaBXgirl’s favorite new addition to her library. It is a lift a flap board book but doesn’t feel babyish. JustaBXgirl has read it so many times that some of the flaps are already gently/and not so gently loved! With Halloween looking so different this year, this is a wonderful treat to add to story time.

This Thing Called Life – JustaBXgirl adores this read too. She reads it numerous times and always finds something new in the words and images that she wants to share with me. Her favorite part is when the book says life is about giving and shares a photo of an animal pooping!

The Day The Hugs Went Away – This book is so timely. JustaBXgirl really misses spending time with her friends. She misses hugging them and playing with them. I miss those moments too. This book reminds us that even if the hugs are gone there are many ways to show love. I think this is a great read for all classrooms during this time.

How To Spot An Artist – Art is HUGE in our home. Everyone knows that JustaBXgirl plans to be a famous artist living in Paris when she grows up. This book was a fun way to remind us that everyone is an artist and can create art.

Hundertwasser The House of Happy Spirits – We loved the colors in these illustrations. And the story is one that captures the reader from the beginning. It is a great way of introducing how nature and modernization can coexist with respect.

The Little Dancer – When JustaBXgirl was two-years-old she started taking ballet. Dance was a part of our life for a while. I’m no longer a dance mom but we love to read stories about other dancers. This was a beautiful read that also introduces JustaBXgirl and myself to Edgar Degas’ famous sculpture The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer.

The Magic Doll – This is the beautiful story. It shares how a mother once dreamed of having her own child and the magic doll that made that dream come true. It is inspired by Ghana art. I love that there are so many lessons that can go with this book.

Danny Dollar Millionaire Extraordinaire The Lemonade Escapade – We love Ty Allan Jackson’s stories. You’re probably used to seeing them listed on these posts. This is an easy read chapter book that is full of laughter and facts! Yes, the two can coexist. If anyone is going to be a millionaire then it will definitely be Danny Dollar.

Live For A New Day – My word for the year is INTENTIONAL. I am working everyday to stand by that word. Books look this help me to remain focused. They remind me that the we all have a purpose. And that it is okay to not know or find that purpose right away. We just have to keep getting back up. If there’s any lesson that will come out of this year that will be it for me.

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