January Bookshelf

January Bookshelf

This year has already been full of transitions and beginnings. Books remain an important friend through the changes. This month, I am sharing some of the titles that got us through 2020 and are on the path to 2021.

As always, there is something for everyone on this list. Let me know if you have read any or will be adding any to your reading list. Don’t forget to check titles out from your local library. It is so very important to support local branches.

Love Is Love – I absolutely LOVE this book. It is the love story of two women that have decided to get married in every country that same sex marriage is legal. This book is such a fabulous way to discover countries and learn about their history as well as remind our littles that love is the magic that is most important in this world.

The Friendship Fairies Go To School – JustaBXgirl loves reading different chapter book series these days. I’m always looking for ones that will entertain and keep her attention. This one captured her immediately. This story is filled with age appropriate adventures. The fairies worry about fitting in, going to new schools and making it through difficult lessons. These are challenges that our littles face and seeing characters meet and overcome them helps our littles learn different ways to attend to their own matters.

Mindfulness Through The Stars – I have read my horoscope for almost as long as I can remember, There have been phases of my existence when I become very interested in the ways the stars contribute to who I am and how I respond to things. I think that I am entering another of these phases and am excited to add this to my library. I love that this book really helps to remind you that all of you is worth accepting and loving and helps you to identify and release your toxic traits. We all have them, no matter how much we might try to dress them up!

Live With Intention Remember and Do What Matters – My 2020 word was INTENTIONAL. If I learned one thing last year, it was that I need to be very intentional about where I put my energy and resources. I wanted to reinforce that lesson by reading this book early in the year. The lessons found within are simple and straightforward. That doesn’t mean that they are easy! I plan to revisit these pages on many occasions.

The Tao of Influence – We are supposed to spend the beginning of the year becoming better. I’ve added this to my list to devour this year in an attempt to be better than I was last year. I want to find ways to connect my influence and my purpose. I want to take that connection to continue building my brand. Reading this gives me a road map to use as I plan this journey of betterment. I want to use who I become to help others because that is what I think true influence is.

In Case You Get Hit By A Bus – 2020 taught me that we have to prepare for the unexpected and never imagined. We never want to think about a time when we are not here but we have no choice but to prepare for those days. As an only parent, my biggest fear is that I leave this world before my daughter can fend for herself. Preparation is key and this book does a great job of making plans less scary.

I Am Yoga – JustaBXgirl became familiar with this book through Strive Higher and Happy Yoga. That made us so very excited to hear that NYC Children’s Theater has a new family production Forest of Feelings. The Forest of Feelings is a magical place filled with a vast landscape of emotions. When two friends discover a lost laugh, with the audience’s help, they must take a physical and musical journey through the forest to return it to its faraway home. Created by Yo Re Mi, Forest of Feelings is an interactive show live on Zoom that teaches your youngest theatergoers about emotions, music, and yoga.

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