#HiHomeschool – Know Yourself: Dr. Bonyfide and Adventure Series Review

#HiHomeschool – Know Yourself: Dr. Bonyfide and Adventure Series Review

We received this curriculum for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links.

One question that I have gotten a lot since we started homeschooling is how do I teach JustaBXgirl everything that she needs to know. The answer is simple. I don’t. The reality is that JustaBXgirl is good at working independently. It is my job as her education facilitator to ensure that she has curriculum that will meet her educational needs. Recently, we were blessed to receive a Starter Set from Know Yourself. The Know Yourself curriculum is amazing for independent learners.

JustaBXgirl has been enjoying these workbooks since she opened them. The Dr. Bonyfide book is not only educational but also lots of fun. She loves using the X-Ray glasses that are included to check out the hidden messages. Yup, it comes with x-ray glasses. And yes, I’ve been known to use them too. In Book 1, we learn about the bones of the hand, arm, and shoulder. I have had a few proud mama moments since JustaBXgirl started working with the book watching her hold conversations sharing what she has learned so far. I think that littles retain the information learned in this series because it is shared with them. They read about something, they fill in blanks about it, they do art, they complete activities. All of these different ways to learn and retain offer littles something that a lot of curriculum don’t. It makes the learning feel less like learning and more like fun.

The fun doesn’t end with Dr. Bonyfide. The Adventure Series has 12 books and we got to check out the first two. The Five Senses – Fangs of Philosophy and The Skeletal System Bone Voyage include the same type of engaging activities as the Dr. Bonyfide series but take the engagement a bit further by including a storyline for the littles to follow along on. We meet the Loops Crew. These friends head on adventures in different countries and through different time periods. The first book introduced JustaBXgirl to Ancient Greece and the second book took her to Russia in the 1920s.

The stories are written in graphic novel style. Graphic novels are JustaBXgirl’s new favorite type of literature. That pulled her right in. As a mom, I appreciate the Learning Calendar included in the books. Not only do they break down the learning into parts but each part allows littles to learn through different outlets. That’s where the engaging activities come through. They even give us an idea of how long each part will take to complete. If used as the book outlines, each book will take about 15 hours to complete. That’s some good science time right there!

The format is a really good one for littles that need to learn in different ways. We unboxed it over on our TikTok and Instagram. You can check it out and see what was included in our kit. We will be including more of the Know Yourself curriculum in our learning going forward.

How do children learn using this curriculum? It’s part storybook, part activity book, part workbook.
How can I track what my child is doing? You can go through the books to see what the littles have been doing.
What input do I have in what my child is learning? The site shares information about what is included in each book. You can choose which works best for your student.
What grades does this curriculum cover? They’re designed for ages 8 and over. The reality though is that they are engaging enough for all ages.
What does this curriculum cost? Dr. Bonyfide books cost $19.99 each or $72 for a set of four. The Skeletal System Adventures are $14.99 each or $67.44 for six books. The Super Kids Bundle containing all ten books is $139.99. The Human Anatomy Starter Set is $53.

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