Christmas Eve Boxes – What’s Inside?

Christmas Eve Boxes – What’s Inside?

I was talking to a new mom friend the other day about Christmas. She asked me if I allow JustaBXgirl to open gifts on Christmas Eve. I shared with her that since JustaBXgirl’s first Christmas, I have created Christmas Eve boxes for her to open but she doesn’t open any of her wrapped gifts. It was then that I realized that as much as I talk about Christmas Eve boxes, I don’t think I have ever shared them on the blog. What kind of blogger am I? Actually, that happens more often than not. See, I didn’t invent or even come up with the idea of the Christmas Eve box on my own. I learned about it on a Blog! Yup, the blogger reads blogs.

Seriously though, I have no idea what blog it was but way back in 2013 when looking for a special way to celebrate JustaBXgirl’s first Christmas, I stumbled upon a site that introduced me to what might be JustaBXgirl’s favorite part of Christmas, the Christmas Eve Box.

What I love about this tradition is that it is simple. It’s a chance to let your littles know that you see them. It is a chance to connect. It is a chance to build memories. And it sets the tone for the holiday. You decide what will be in your box. I like to make it a mix of items to get JustaBXgirl ready for Christmas and a few items she will use after.

Here are a few options to get you started:

The Box – When I first started creating these boxes I would get a decorative box because I like to be a bit guacamole (extra) and they’re just so darn pretty. Then, I realized that we didn’t really use the boxes after the holidays so I wanted to find something different. I began using plastic storage containers because we use those all of the time. What had happened next was one year I forgot about the Christmas Eve Box! Yup, horrible mom moment. It wasn’t until JustaBXgirl told me how excited she was to get her box that I remembered and had to scramble. Fortunately, I’m always prepared for gifting. I actually have already started storing 2022 Christmas gifts. What I wasn’t prepared with was the packaging! I ended up using a regular schmegular cardboard box that I decorated with some stickers and she ended up loving it. I no longer purchase a special box. Instead, I use a box from packages or events. This year’s box is beautiful because Disney had sent me a gorgeous gift box to get ready for the holidays. Rather than getting rid of the box, I began packing it as JustaBXgirl’s Christmas Eve Box.

Pajamas – We want them to get ready for bed early because we know it will take them HOURS to fall asleep on Christmas Eve, I like to go with matching PJs for the box. We wear matching pajamas to go see Santa so instead of including PJs for me and her, I get JustaBXgirl matching pajamas for her and her doll. Last year I was able to find a trifecta and get matching pajamas for me, her and her doll from Children’s Place.

Christmas Book – One of my favorite Chirsmtas Eve memories from childhood is reading Twas the Night Before Christmas with my dad. Maybe that’s where my love of books stems from. We don’t read Twas the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve but we do read a Christmas book. We are building quite the Christmas collection. Maybe next year, I will do a post on all of the Christmas books we have at home! This year, I am including Christmas, Here I Come. And I’m excited that I will be giving away an autographed copy over one Instagram.

Small Toy – Okay, I usually do at least two small toys. I like to do a plush type toy. JustaBXgirl loves plushies. I miss when she called them her stuffies. We sleep with a bed full of them. I include one in the box as another reminder that it is time to get ready for bed. This year, I’m including a Cats vs Pickles blind bag. In the past, I have included Moosh-Moosh and Squishmallow plushes. Ty Beanie Babies are also a great option. The second toy is usually one that she can play with. I like to keep it something small, normally a collectible like Shopkins or Hatchimals.

Sometimes I add a DVD (yes, we still have a DVD player) and popcorn. I also add hot chocolate mix. I keep that super basic, a pack of Swiss Miss. Nothing like a cup of cocoa, some popcorn, a movie, and a bedtime story to get little ones ready for a visit with Santa!

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