Art Class But Less Class & More Art!

Art Class But Less Class & More Art!

We received these products for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own.

So let me start this by saying that the hardest part of homeschooling for me has nothing to do with curriculum or JustaBXgirl. It has to do with unlearning everything that I thought I knew about school. I’m really working to remember that homeschooling can look like whatever we like. I am doing my best to stop focusing only on the traditional lessons and more on what interests JustaBXgirl. I think that I’ve been doing a good job for the past almost two years of sharing how to Toy School. I’ve just always counted it as extra parts of our day as opposed to the meat and potatoes of it. As we begin wrapping up our first official year of being a homeschool family, I’m planning for our summer learning and next “school year.” And yup, I said wrapping up. JustaBXgirl has less than two hundred hours left of third grade, (insert dancing emoji here).

Art is always a major interest in our home, JustaBXgirl is a born artist. She has been creating and designing since birth. Here are a few of the current items that we are using for art class. We are also using these just for fun. Because that’s part of mama’s lessons, everything doesn’t need to be a “class.” Everything doesn’t have to be scheduled. We can allow children to discover their passions, talents, and hobbies in the quiet moments.

That Girl Lay Lay Blingin’ DIY Patch Maker – Has your little binge-watched That Girl Lay Lay? JustaBXgirl ate through the episodes when she found it in Netflix. Of course, after loving the show, she wanted all things Lay Lay. What better gift than something that allows her to express herself while still repping for That Girl Lay Lay thank this patch maker? It doesn’t hurt that one of JustaBXgirl’s passions is fashion. That makes this a winner on so many levels.

Easy and Fun Paint Magic with Water Animals – These types of art books are great for everyone. So many times us adults are scared of saying yes to art projects because we don’t want to deal with the mess. These are mess free. Okay, maybe a little water might get spilt occasionally but that is easy breezy mess to a mom! I’ve always been mesmerized by the magic of using water to bring the pictures to life. I also love being able to share with JustaBXgirl that I used to do things like this as a child too.

Easy and Fun Paint Magic with Water Fairies And Friends – Here’s another version in case your little is more into fairies than furries. They both get lots of love in our space. These are great for helping smaller littles to get used to commanding the paint brush. We all know the meltdowns can happen when someone paints where they weren’t planning to get a color. This type of art avoids that struggle.

I Can Draw! Everything Cute & Cuddly – This book is brilliant. It truly makes you feel like you can draw everything cute and cuddly! It includes 15 tutorials that even the most artistically challenged person can handle. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. This is fun for the entire family. And perfect for quiet moments at home or waiting somewhere. Once your little (or you) feel like you’ve mastered the designs, you’ll easily be able to make them your own.

The Cute Book of Kawaii Drawing– Did you know that you could make drawing grass cute? I definitely did not until I got to check this book out. It is filled with 365 cute things to draw. Who isn’t into Kawaii? The instructions are simple and easy to follow and you and your littles will get a kick out of how absolutely adorable it all is. Haven’t you always wanted to create the cutest pencil ever? Now you can!

Easy Hidden Pictures for Kids – We love hidden picture puzzle books in this house. This one is designed for younger children yet we still enjoyed checking it out. This is such a great way to introduce hidden picture puzzles to littles. Many times the colors in these puzzles distract the person doing the puzzle from being able to pay attention. This way, once they find all of the items the littles get to color in the entire picture themselves. You can give them different ideas on how to mark their found items using various art mediums as well. Consider having them use crayons, colored pencils, regular pencils, markers.

Ultimate Illustrated Guide to Sewing Clothes – Remember, JustaBXgirl has a passion for fashion. She asked for a sewing machine for Christmas when she turned six. She has spoken of starting her own fashion line and has recently begun sewing and selling pillows. This book is truly a complete course that allows her to feel empowered in her progress. It is not designed for children but since she reads at a Level Z, I feel comfortable with her using it. She truly curls up in bed with it. She takes notes, and if she is confused by something she asks questions. What more could I ask for in a class? Fashion is art that we wear. In our home, creating it for ourselves or her dolls also means quality time spent together as a family. I look forward to this “class.”

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