Wipeout – There’s An Art To It

Wipeout – There’s An Art To It

We received these products for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own.

When I was a kid we didn’t wear safety gear to ride our bikes. I won’t say that it didn’t exist. I’ll simply say that I didn’t know anyone that owned any. Things have changed drastically. Today, we wouldn’t think about taking our littles outside without it. That doesn’t mean that our littles won’t resist. Don’t worry, I’m here to make your life easier and to make your littles a little bit happier. We recently got to check out Wipeout products and I got to share how much JustaBXgirl is enjoying them.

She got roller skates a few years ago and with them came safety gear. Spoiler, she never wanted to use them. She complained about the helmet. She would “forget” to pack her knee and elbow pads when we would grab her skates for a day out. I share this to say that I knew accepting a partnership with Wipeout felt a bit risky. JustaBXgirl was super excited when the box arrived. A lot of the excitement was for the skateboard. She’s been wanting to learn how to skateboard for quite a bit. Once she found out that she could decorate the gear and the skateboard she was hooked. In fact, she was so interested that she didn’t wait for me to take photos of the product before diving right into it.

Let me also share that decorating the helmet, pads, and skateboard can be a great rainy day activity. We know that our littles would love nothing more than to spend every moment they can outside but sometimes the weather doesn’t work out. Allowing them time to decorate when the weather isn’t cooperating gives you some quiet time when stuck indoors. It also allows them to get their creativity on and prepare themselves for using the safety gear. We recently did this for a play date. The kids had planned on getting outside and having some fun but the weather had other plans. JustaBXgirl pulled out her Wipeout gear and board and let the art party happen.

And don’t worry adults, while your littles artwork might be priceless, the gear they draw it on is actually affordable. It is comparable to other safety gear that simply isn’t as much fun. The gear even comes with dry erase markers and stencils so that everyone can feel like an artist, again and again, and again. Our littles can basically have “new” gear every time they use it if they choose to update the designs.

JustaBXgirl wanted her art to be the focal point of her safety gear so she chose basic black for her safety gear. There are other options that allow your littles style to stand out even on the days that they might not be feeling too artistic. Personally, my favorite option for pads is Groovy. It blends purples, pinks, and blues beautifully. The helmet options are all bold and I’m loving the White Rainbow. And when checking out the boards my favorite is Monsters.

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