September Bookshelf – Back To School Books

September Bookshelf – Back To School Books

September can be a rollercoaster. Littles are really excited to be back at school. Littles can be really nervous to be back at school. Adults can be excited about the return to routine. Adults can be stressed by the return to routine. Do you know what doesn’t or at least shouldn’t cause stress? Books! This month’s book selections are ones to make the transition from Summer fun to Autumn routines smooth. They are books that are fun. They are books that are educational. They are books that leave us better than we were before we picked them up. They are books we can keep to ourselves and books that we can share with our families, our friends, and our classrooms. I hope you find something on this list to add to your bookshelf.

National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia – This book is beautiful. The images are so clear and vibrant you feel like you can touch the animals and feel the texture of their fur. It’s a perfect addition to a home library for families because everyone can enjoy it. It is a wonderful way to get littles interested and they will want to browse the pages to enjoy the photos even if they are too small to read the words. In the case of our home, JustaBXgirl loves to share the facts that she learns with me and JustaBXgrandpa.

National Geographic Kids 5,000 Awesome Facts – My little takes after me. She’s a know it ALL. Wanna know how we become know it alls? We read all the books. We love learning new facts. This National Geographic volume is a perfect way to help littles (and you) add to their knowledge bank. Have a little that loves Space? There are o199 Far Out Facts for them to study? Learning about the human body? We got 50 mund bending facts about the brain!

National Geographic Treasury of Greek Mythology – I wish this book was around when I was little. I was always interested in Greek Mythology. I like how this book walks us through the stories and includes illustrations. It is the perfect book to crawl up with and learn the stories that inspired Rick Riordan to create his universe.

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2023 – JustaBXgirl loves learning new facts. She loves being able to go through the Almanac and point out new pieces of information. It is a great addition to the National Geographic section of our home library.

I am CoCo The Life of Coco Chanel – JustaBXgirl has been interested in Coco Chanel for years. This book is an easy read that allows her to learn more about Coco. It doesn’t go deep into Coco Chanel’s life but gives us information on every stage of it. It is a great read for a little that might not be ready for the microscopic view of a woman they admire. It feels complete in its timeline and is accompanied by fun, colorful illustrations.

My Dog, Hen – This is a sweet read. It is about a dog named Hen that is adopted at a shelter finding his way at his new home. It is about patience. It is about kindness. It is about learning lessons. It is a cute read that would make a wonderful addition to a home library where one is wanting a dog or has just gotten a dog. It doesn’t shy away from the hard parts of owning a puppy while reminding us that in time all can be right.

Extraordinary Women with Cameras – This is one of those books that is teaching me as much as it is teaching JustaBXgirl. I wasn’t familiar with many names in the book. I really like how easy this book makes it to learn about the photographers and photography. It delivers enough biographical information for you to begin becoming familiar with the photographers while stopping before attention spans wane. It is a great start and littles can choose photographers that they connect with to learn more about. It also defines photography terms so that you understand what you’re reading. And the bonus is the book challenges you to take a hand at photography yourself.

30 Short Affirmations for Curly-Haired Kids – If you don’t have curly hair then you have no idea how hard important it is to learn to love it. I love that my baby is growing up in a time where books like this exist. When I was a kid my curly hair wasn’t something I was taught to be proud of. The affirmations in this books are for curly-haired kids of all ages. It is the perfect gift for young and old. These affirmations help littles gain confidence and connection with their curls.

B is for Beekeeping – We read a lot of alphabet books with HOPS around. This book is one that gets read even when she is not around! It is a great introduction to what bees do and how they do it. Each letter of the alphabet shares a fact that starts with that letter about bees. Your littles will learn all about one of nature’s most important creatures as they practice their alphabet. This is also great for homeschooling families that might be doing a study unit on bees. It is a simple way to learn about some not-so-simple things.

The Perfect 100 Day Project – This book was written for people like me. I have so many ideas in my head. Getting those ideas onto paper and turning them into reality is another thing entirely. This book helps me do just that. And it understands me. It makes notes in the margins for me. It underlines things that I can’t miss. It feels like you’re reading this book with a friend. I look forward to making it to my 100th day! If you’re trying to figure out where to start or know someone that does you must add this to your need-to-read list.

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