October Bookshelf – Don’t Be Scared

October Bookshelf – Don’t Be Scared

We received some of these titles for review purposes. As always all opinions are honest & my own.

I hear people say that they don’t have time to read. I’m here to remind you that there is always time for reading. Keep a book in the car, in your bag, in your kitchen, and by your toilet. It can be the same books or multiple books. Either way, read! If you are reading then you’re littles will be more inclined to read. You can also have some family reading time as another way to connect. Pick a series that you think they will like or have them suggest a series to you. Once a week, or once a day, carve out thirty minutes or so and read aloud together. Here are a few books you can consider reading together (or alone).

The Woman Underwater – This book is a good mystery where you don’t even realize you’re reading a mystery for the first part. You simply think you’re reading a story about a woman that is watching her two sons grow up and start needing her less. It is a story about a woman finding herself again when her husband disappeared seven years ago without a trace. Can you find yourself when you lose someone you love with no answers?

House Monsters, The Birthday Party – We love House Monsters. They are the perfect plush to help littles lessen their fears around the house. We are so excited to read about the plushies in this book. The story is an excellent ode to friendship and celebration. Reading it is on heavy repeat. HOPS loves the colors and illustrations, and JustaBXgirl loves the messaging.

A Beginner’s Guide to Being Human – Can we give normalize giving this book as a baby shower gift? This is one of those books that resonates with you as you read it. It reminds us that compassion and empathy are so very needed in our existence. This book reminds us that family isn’t always perfect but that doesn’t make it any less important. There are so many lessons on being a good human that I want everyone in the world to read it because too often do we forget the simple ways to make the world better. Not only do the words deliver lessons but so do the illustrations. They are truly representative of the world as it is. The diversity is drawn and reflected to represent different sizes, shapes, colors, and abilities.

Hair From Moptops to Mohicans, Afros to Cornrows – I’m always impressed by Prestel publications. This book is another Prestel title that I am proud to add to my bookshelf. It is a hair education. It shares hairstyles from different cultures and educates the reader on the style. It has fun drawings and can be used as a conversation starter with littles about different hair types. It might also be an inspiration on your next look!

The Hair Book – Now that we have HOPS around most days board books are in high demand. While JustaBXgirl is doing her morning reading, HOPS likes to curl up next to her and open a book up too. This is a fun one for her. She likes to look through the pages and adores getting to the end. Spoiler: There is a mirror waiting for you when you get to the end so that your hair can be included in the book as well.

The Journey to Reinvention – I believe that moments happen when they should. I’m also a big advocate for accountability partners when you’re looking to make changes in your world or stay on task. This book to me feels like it found me when I was meant to receive it. And I feel like it serves as an accountability partner! Most self-help, motivational books seem to tell you the plan and expect you to be able to do it on your own as soon as you read it. This book realizes that we might not be ready even if we did pick it up. The author shares his story in the first part to help us begin identifying our own story. He also reminds us that reinventing ourselves is not a one-and-done thing. To me, this book feels like a conversation with a friend. I look forward to rereading it. It is separated into three parts so I suggest taking your time and being ready to move from one part to the other. Remember there is no timetable for reinventing yourself.

Leonardo and the Time Travelers – Remember the slogan, “there’s an app for that,” well, apparently there really is. In this book, Jack and Nick discover a time-traveling app while at a summer technology class. Yup, you can imagine the antics that spring from that but wait, did I mention that by using the app they get to meet Leonard Dvinci? Joined by Jack’s sister Poppy they solve problems, meet time travelers, and have quite the summer! JustaBXgirl was delighted to find illustrations included throughout the chapters. She loves reading chapter books but wishes more were like this with illustrations along the way.

Introducing Sai The Peacock The Unique Beak – Sometimes family doesn’t see us as clearly clearly as others can. This book reminds us that it is okay to pursue our passions even when those closest to us don’t believe. It also reminds us to look for our people. Sai finds Cricket. Cricket supports Sai and helps him to not only make his dreams come true with BEAKONFIDENCE but also to help his family see him differently.

The Power of Architecture 25 Modern Building from around the World – Reading this book feels like a trip around the world. We get to visit beautiful structures and learn about their history. If I had a coffee table I would leave this sitting on it so that visitors can be transported to all they places I was. It also gives me the liberty to use it for homeschooling beyond counting it for reading time. I can ask JustaBXgirl to read about a building and then send her to learn more.

Always Anjali – The Anjali series is a great one to add to the shelves. In the first book, Always Anjali we see Anjali learn where her name comes from. We see friendship support Anjali. We learn that Anjali is brave and creative. And we see her learn how to stand up to bullies. The second book, Brave Anjali is just as good. Anjali is the only girl in her tabla (drum) class and she is good. When faced with a jealous friend she has to decide what to do. She’s given some really good advice from an older student and by following it makes an impact not only for herself but for a younger girl as well.

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