Builders Gift Guide – Not Just LEGO

Builders Gift Guide – Not Just LEGO

We received some of these items for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links.

I’m sure you expected this Gift Guide to be nothing but LEGO since JustaBXgirl loves LEGO so much. I definitely considered doing a LEGO lovers Gift Guide BUT decided to do a broader builder guide because when we have tunnel vision we don’t give our littles the opportunity to explore other options. LEGO tops JustaBXgirl’s list of just about anything and yet, she is still able to enjoy other ways to build. Here are a few of the other options you can find being built around our home. Don’t worry if you’re looking for LEGO options. You will find an honorable mention in this post along with LEGO-themed sets appearing in other gift guides as well.

It is so important though to help our littles and ourselves remember that options exist and make the world a beautiful place. This Builders Gift Guide is just the beginning of how littles might enjoy spending time expressing themselves by putting something together. I’ll share that putting this list together is one of my favorite gift guides because I truly see the value for all families in investing in these types of toys. Many of us don’t have the resources to whisk our littles around the world but we can bring this world and countless others to them. Giving them gifts like these allow them to build out their worlds in new ways.

Pinxies Butterfly Hot Balloon – Pinxies open our littles to a colorful world filled with educational value, imagination, and endless amounts of fun. As with most building toys, Pinxies allows littles to work on their eye-hand coordination. They link together the pieces building out the wonderful world inhabited by Koral and her friends. To me, the Pinxies world is like a story jumping off the page and coming to life. One of my favorite features is that the included characters have interchangeable expressions.

LEGO – If your LEGO builder is anything like mine you are not scouring blogs wondering which LEGO set they would like. My thoughtful builder gave me a list of seventeen sets that she would enjoy receiving for the holidays. Outside of that list, she has mentioned at least another five sets that she just has to have. If you’re unsure which set the LEGO fan you’re shopping for would prefer, keep it simple and ask what their favorite build types are. JustaBXgirl would share that she loves LEGO Friends, LEGO Harry Potter, and LEGO Architecture to name a few. One of the great things about LEGO is that it has a price point for every budget.

Geomag Mechanics Challenge Goal – I love that you’re actually building a game with this set. Not only do you get to enjoy the fun of figuring out how to make the magnetic cannon but then you get to play the game of making goals using the cannon that you just devised. This is an ideal gift for a little interested in engineering.

Wonderhood Corner Shops -I debated if this set should go here or in the playset guide. One of my favorite things about this set is that it includes challenges for our littles to problem solve when choosing how they build their Main Street. Each time they play they can create a new world. It becomes the perfect travel toy in that sense. Your little can bring it with you on trips and feel like they have lots of toys with them instead of only one since they can set the scenes up differently each time. The pieces are also washable so you don’t have to be concerned with spills.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Magnatiles – Magna-tiles have been a long favorite in our home. JustaBXgirl has made so many fabulous builds with them over the years. She now spends time with HOPS sharing her buckets full of Magna-tiles. Pair that with how much we adore the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom story and I really can’t tell you which of us was more excited to get our hands on this set. It’s the perfect addition to our collection as the tiles can be used with our existing sets.

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