Outside the Box Art Gift Guide

Outside the Box Art Gift Guide

We received some of these items for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Having an artistic child means that I have to be ready for her to ask me for the most random things regularly. One day she might be interested in painting, the next day jewelry making, and the following week sculpting. Much like her, her artistic vision is always growing and changing. That has been a gift to me. It allows me to open my perspective to what is art. This year, I wanted to share a bit of that perspective in my Artist Gift Guide. You might not consider some of the products included to be art but I ask you to walk with me and look around. I’m sure that you will find something (or many somethings) that your little artist would enjoy. Some might even help expand that definition of what an artist does. And some might open your non-artist’s interest in art.

Juicy Couture Absolutely Charming Bracelets – This set is the perfect gift because it can keep on giving. Your little artist can design charm bracelets and gift them to their friends. Charm bracelets have always been one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. They are a great way to express ourselves and allow people to learn more about us. This set is gorgeous and comes with so many fun charms. Who knows, this might get your little thinking of designing other types of jewelry going forward!

Clay Ring Maker – Air dry clay is one of JustaBXgirl’s favorite art mediums. She also really loves jewelry. This set is a no-brainer for her to love. It allows her to get used to baking clay which she had been a bit resistant to in a way that speaks to her fashion loving side. And coming from the Just My Style brand, it is one she trusts and will easily be able to do without mama’s assistance. The kit comes with everything needed to complete 15 rings. By the time your little finishes they can have designed their first full line of fashion rings!

Doodle Hog Paint Your Own Squishies – I’ve featured Doodle Hog squishies before but I wanted to share this set because I love it even more. Please don’t tell hot cocoa bear! It comes with four projects so this can be a family fun kit. If your little watches Youtubers like Moriah Elizabeth they will absolutely love this and probably want to create video content completing these.

Watercolors with Markers – JustaBXgirl has a love-and-hate relationship with watercolors. Sometimes she’s into them, other times they just don’t give her the effect that she’s looking for. She loves markers and paint pens so I figure this is the perfect blend for her to try something new. An added bonus is the book gives really good and clear directions on how to draw different types of images. The step-by-step tutorials really help you know that you can get to the final result. We will be using it for homeschool art class!

Retro Crochet – My oldest goddaughter began making and selling crochet bathing suits when she was sixteen years old. Over the years, she branched out into other artistic endeavors and now does hair and makes her own wigs. I’m surrounded by talent. When this book popped up in my inbox it reminded me that true gifts to our little ones are skills, allowing them to express themselves, and always believing that they can and will do what they desire. This book has gorgeous designs and the introduction lets you know exactly what you will need to succeed. It is not a book for beginners. You don’t have to be an expert but you should be familiar with the craft. If you’re new to it, this might be the type of book you purchase to push yourself to the next step!

Pixicade Pets – We’ve been fans of Pixicade for a while and are super excited about this new version. Your little draws their dream pet and gets to see it come to life in the Pixicade world. I love that this doesn’t seem like an art item because it is about taking care of your virtual pet but I don’t think that things have to be one or the other. This allows littles to design their pets and their virtual world. If that isn’t art, then tell me what is?

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