Something for Everyone Gift Guide

Something for Everyone Gift Guide

We received some of these products for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links.

This was supposed to be the year I had all my gift guides wrapped up in a bow by the beginning of December. I planned on sharing all types of fun holiday events during this month BUT life happens so I’m playing catch up. Rather than try to get out another 17 gift guides after the ones I have already posted I figured why not just do one more epic gift guide? So, here you go, this is my Something for Everyone Gift Guide. If you are still shopping, you will definitely find something in this treasure trove that will work for even the hardest to shop for on your list.


Glow by Daye Satin Scarves – Over the summer, JustaBXgirl became interested in wearing headwraps occasionally. We tried a bunch. Some worked. Some didn’t. Very few had the beauty and feel of the Glow be Daye Satin Scarves. When JustaBXgirl wears her Glow by Daye, she considers it her fancy headwrap. Her next request is a Glow by Daye Satin Bonnet.

Sweet Like Gingerbread Body Oil – I love a good body oil and The A-Lister Shop has some amazing ones. Since it is the holiday season, I figured I would share this seasonal delight with you. It will have you smelling sweet all day long!


Rising Sun Baby Reversible Teether – These are not only awesome for a little’s teething needs, but they are also a fun toy. I love the simplicity of them while still being bold. They’re also a great size to pack in a diaper bag. Oh, and if your house is anything like mine, teething toys aren’t just for babies. It isn’t odd to find my almost ten-year-old occasionally walking around with a teether I thought was for HOPS. I now have to designate which belongs to whom!

Presto Waterproof Bibs – Babies and toddlers are dirty. I don’t know how but they can make the biggest mess from the smallest grain of rice. Prepare yourself by protecting them with these waterproof bibs. They’re simple, fun colors and they get their job done.

Fox in the Box – TTPM was in September. HOPS still plays with this daily. If that isn’t a testimony to the fox, then I just don’t know what to tell you. I will be getting this as part of first birthday gifts going forward. I might even get it for a few baby showers. The Fox in the Box is a great first friend!


Hape Rock & Slide Doll House – This house is so easy to put together. JustaBXgirl actually did it pretty much by herself. She only asked me to tighten a few screws for her. She really enjoyed getting it functional for HOPS’ birthday. They play with it together pretty regularly. HOPS plays with it daily as well. It’s helping her with independent play. The house comes with more than 25 accessories and makes music and sound effects. There is a lot going on here. I’m hoping all of the making people go potty with the flushing sounds gets HOPS to want to try using the potty soon.

Hape Super Cityscape Transport Bucket Set – This mama loves how easy this cleans up. It’s 80 pieces that all go right back away when playtime is finished. I know, when is playtime ever really finished? You can leave it out if that makes your heart happy. I for one am all for toys that store themselves. As for the play value? There is so much to do in this set that littles will be entertained for hours at a time. How will the people in your city be traveling today? Plane, train, automobile? We got them all, and then some!


Lil Wish Lanterns – Have you seen us unbox these on IG? They are so cute. The lanterns are a great feature that makes them stand out from other collectibles. Currently, there are 32 Wishimals to collect. JustaBXgirl wants to collect them all. Wishimals come from four different lands and each land has power to help our wishes come true. Oh, and for littles that like to game, there is a Wishimals app which I may or may not have downloaded for myself!

Cats VS Pickles – Big surprise here. You know we are a CVP house. We are also a Dogs VS Squirls home. Basically, it would be weird if there weren’t any of these around our tree. They are such a fun thing to collect. Each really has its own personality. Blind bags are great for stocking stuffers while Chonks and Jumbos are perfect to wrap under the tree

World’s Smallest Games – In our home the 18-inch dolls get gifts. These are perfect for them. And they’re also perfect for anyone that loves games. Did you know these are fully functional? This is the gift you get for the person that has everything. Unless of course they already have these! As you will see if you keep reading, we are HUGE fans of the World’s Smallest toy line.

Sugar Buzz Minis in Minis – All of this line is ideal for stocking stuffers. The Sugar Buzz line is a fun one for those that might have a sweet tooth. Give them a collectible version of their favorite sweet in mini-sized. The best part of these is they really are minis in minis. You now only get a miniature collectible package of a favorite sweet but then you can open the package up to find a replica of the sweet!!! Tiny toys win.

Micro Toy Box – And speaking of tiny toys, I had to make sure you’ve seen the Micro Toy Box. There are 50 to collect in series 1. Each comes with 5 mini-toys. JustabXgirl likes to add these as dollhouse supplies for her Barbie Dream House. Do you display yours or play with them?

Harry Potter BendyFigs – Did you know that JustaBXgirl has an entire shelf dedicated to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? You do now. The Harry Potter line from BendyFigs was a no-brainer to be added to the shelf. She currently has Harry and Dobby. Of course, she is wanting to collect them all. BendyFigs has so many options. We use some of their Universal Monsters line during the Halloween season to round out our decorating.


Ultra Power Battle Game – This is a fun game for all littles. JustaBXgirl gets her teenage cousins to play with her sometimes. I added it to the homeschool section with younger littles in mind. You can have them identify the numbers when you flip the tokens. You can have them add the numbers together. You can have them subtract numbers. It can even be a way for a little to practice multiplication. Oh, and of course you can also play it according to the rules.

Gemstone Treasures -This is science. This is fun. This can be an adventure. The set contains 8 gemstones for your little to tumble. It teaches them about the process and includes 40 geology cards to educate them beyond the fun of rock tumbling. I was excited that it came with so much.

The Young Scientists Club Exploring Earth – We just visited Liberty Science Center and learned about Pompeii. It goes without saying that volcanoes have been on JustaBXgirl’s mind. This set comes with 17 fun STEM activities including a volcano. This kit is a wonderful wait to start or end some Earth Studies lessons

Still looking:

The Maker’s Guide to Cricut – I bought myself a Cricut machine about a year and a half ago. I’ve used it but only barely. I must admit that it intimidates me a little bit. I’ve watched Youtube videos and never feel as creative as those I’m watching. I still call my bestie to make things for me on her Cricut. This book is helping a lot. It offers tutorials on easy projects and just feels manageable. Watch out 2023, my Cricut might get put to work!

Magic Mixies Crystal Ball – If you didn’t pre-order this a few months ago as I did, what are you waiting for? It is currently on sale at Target and on Amazon. I didn’t lie when I told you last year that you had to get the Cauldron. I had parents calling me the week before Christmas telling me it was sold out and they couldn’t find it. The Magic Mixies line is one of the most innovative that I have seen in a long time and I see a lot of toys. We’ve been fans of anything that comes from Moose Toys for years. This line is in another stratosphere. It is so creative and imaginative. You will want to check it out as much as your little.

Story Time Chess – JustaBXgirl was probably right around three, four at the most, the first time we met staff from Chess at 3. She was able to sit and learn a little from them and I saw how engaged she was in the fun way they were teaching littles chess. I just knew we would have to visit them in Manhattan and take classes but life happens and we didn’t make it to their location. Pretty soon after, they came out with Story Time Chess which is how you can bring their fun way of teaching chess into your home. Now, they’ve taken it a step further and have added a Level 2 Strategy Expansion pack and a Level 3 Tactics pack. Suffice it to say we own all three. JustaBXgirl loves the storytelling that goes along with learning the game.

There are so many more items I had wanted to share with you but time has ticked away. Here’s to hoping you find something for those you’re still checking off your lists. I’m thinking I might put together a post for January sharing some of my favorite things that I didn’t get to talk about here. Let me leave you with this. I share a lot of really fantastic products on this site. Some I get sent to review, some I buy, and some are gifted by friends and family. My best advice to you is what I always say, you know your family best. That is just as important when shopping. You know what price point works for your family. Don’t get caught out there trying to keep up with the Carters. Yes, your little ones will love the gazillion-dollar toy that tops every must-have list but you know what they will love more? A roof over their heads and lights that turn on when you flip the switch. Don’t go crazy or in debt over a holiday. There are plenty of memories to be made without spending a fortune.

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