Game School – Multigeneration Fun (& Learning)

Game School – Multigeneration Fun (& Learning)

We were sent a number of these titles for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own. This post contains affiliate links

Game School is an important part of our homeschool all year, but come Spring I look for new titles that will keep us excited as we begin wrapping up our school year. This month many of our games have been enjoyed not just by me and JustaBXgirl but also by her cousins, uncle, and grandpa. Being able to use games that we play during family fun time for school is a gift. I know when we play JustaBXgirl gets a bit smarter and her bond with her family grows a bit stronger. This mama can’t ask for much more. I wanted to share a few that have stood out with you.

Hitster – This game is needed in every household. It is perfect for music appreciation and history lessons. I’ve played this with family ages 11 – 67, and it has led to some hilarious moments. While playing I realized that even though we have so much information at our fingertips a lot of the younger generation isn’t as exposed to older generations’ music as they used to be. In the game, you identify where songs belong on a timeline. It is the perfect opportunity to introduce littles to different decades and genres of music.

Found It – We found the Found It games at Spring Fling. I’m in love with the simplicity of them. They are designed for ages four – seven but I am here to tell you this is family fun for everyone! They come with 50 cards and a ring to carry the cards on. They easily can fit in your bag so you can play on the go. They are great for world schooling because they get littles to pay attention to the world around them. Each card asks you to locate something. Each card also asks two questions at the bottom of the card to get littles thinking and talking.

Super Mario Castle Land – JustaBXgirl and I are big maze fans. Add Super Mario to the mix and we knew this would be something we loved. The object is to get a marble from start to the goal at the top of the castle. Don’t get caught in a trap! I won’t front, I thought it would be easy peasy but it took me a moment. It is great when a little one needs a brain break but we need them to stay in the focus zone. JustaBXgirl enjoys picking it up and making her way through the maze when she is switching subjects. Mario and maze fans of all ages can enjoy and learn with this.

Pickle Everything – We know nothing about pickleball but we love eating pickles so we jumped at the chance to check out this game. The object is to quite honestly pickle everything. When you respond to the prompt you must answer with a word that starts with P and add the word pickle to the end. It allows for quick thinking and vocabulary building.

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