Breastfeeding Beyond Baby

Breastfeeding Beyond Baby

Mini me will be three in January.  She was a breastfed baby and now she’s a breastfed toddler.  I’m not good at figuring out when toddler becomes preschooler or whatever the next set “stage” is called but whatever it is chances are Mini me will be a breastfed one of those too!

I didn’t really set a goal in our breastfeeding journey.  I mean I wanted to make it to 1 year but I told myself however long I was able I would be happy.  Did I think we would still be on this journey at 3?  Nope.  Would I change our journey?  Nope.

Some days I cannot wait until Mini me is over having “babas” (her word for mama’s milk).   Other days I get sad thinking that our journey might soon be ending.  I do know however that she is captain of this ship.  I will not make the decision for her.  And I most definitely will not allow society to make the decision for her.

It’s funny how over time supporters become more hesitant.  They start finding ways to inform moms that it might be getting time to wean.  They start trying to guilt the children into thinking because they are growing it is inappropriate to want mama’s milk.

In a world with so much pain why do we question something that nurtures and comforts?  I stumbled upon this piece via Facebook earlier and it reminded me that this isn’t something that I’m still doing.  This is just something I do.


Some days Mini me will not nurse at all until she’s ready for bed.  Other days she seems to be attached to the boob all day.  She is also a very independent, intelligent, brave little girl.  Being breastfed is only one part of her identity.  And it is a part that I have something to do with.  The rest is simply her.




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