Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving


I love Thanksgiving.  I abhor Columbus Day.  I get that to some that might make me a hypocrite but the reality is that Thanksgiving has very little to do with Pilgrims and Native Americans.  The story that children are taught in elementary school much like many others is pure fiction based on threads of truth that don’t really go together.

I love the thought of being grateful.  I love the idea of sharing and counting blessings.  I love the reality of being surrounded by loved ones and sharing their importance in my village.

When I lived in Brooklyn I regularly hosted #friendsgiving dinners before they became something to hashtag.  I haven’t had the opportunity to host one in a while but that is not to say that my friends are no longer a priority.

I have so much to be thankful for every moment of every day.  I am blessed to live in abundance.  I am by no means wealthy in finances but in blessings call me Oprah, Diddy, Jay-Z and JLo wrapped up in one package.  My God is a good God.  He continues to provide and protect me and I pray that he continues to do so for me, my family and yours for many generations to come.

For those missing loved ones today, trust me I get it.  The holidays don’t feel the same.  Something is missing.  Something isn’t quite right.  When we lose someone there is no getting over it.  There’s only learning to live with it.  Do not allow the loss to make you lose yourself.  Be thankful that you had time with people so amazing that their loss is felt.  Be someone amazing in another person’s life.

Happy Thanks giving my people with lots of love from me and mini me 🙂

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