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Just For Me


Being a single mom is difficult at times.  Being a mom is difficult at times.  Yet there is not one moment I would trade.  People always look at me funny when I tell them that God must have had Minime sitting on shelf with my name waiting for me to be ready to be her mom.  That is exactly how it feels to me.

She is the best match for me.  I couldn’t have planned her being any more perfect.  Of course there are times when she drives me crazy.  She’s three.  I expect to have many more shaking my head moments throughout our lifetime together.  Even during the times when she is dancing on my last nerves and using the last bits of my patience I can’t help but smile.  I see so much of me behind her eyes.  And even better I see this amazing, brave, funny, loving, inquisitive, logical, whimsical little girl finding her way in this world.


Minime is with me just about 24 hours of every day.  I am blessed to work from home (most of the time).  This is what she has known for most of her life.  She has learned the rules to what it means when mommy is sitting at the computer or speaking on the phone.  She is great at reminding others of the rules when they are present in our home.

She is becoming more and more self sufficient every day.  And while I am so proud and loving it I must admit that it scares me.  One day my baby girl will no longer be a baby.  One day she will make a new best friend to tell her secrets to.  One day she will no longer want to sit on my lap as I work.  One day she will no longer fit on my lap.  One day she will stop randomly giving me hugs and kisses.

I only hope to continue to instill her a foundation that allows her to keep everything she is today and continue to grow more into who she is meant to be.  I only hope that she never forgets that she is a beautiful, bold, brave, highly intelligent brown girl.


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