#FatherFridays – Rob @mybuddhahead

#FatherFridays – Rob @mybuddhahead


I was on Instagram last night going through some of my “likes” and visiting the pages of those who had been kind enough to visit mine.  I do this when I have the chance in hopes of connecting to other cool accounts.  That was how I found the subject of today’s #FatherFridays.

I don’t know Rob and we haven’t had the opportunity to interact other than by liking a few of each other’s posts.  I must say though that his account has had an impact on me.  And yes, I’m aware that I just found him last night.  That’s the thing about impacts.  You won’t know when they will hit you! (haha, you know you laughed!)

Either way, I don’t know Rob’s full story but what I do know from visiting his page is that he is a man with a huge heart and beautiful children.  Rob is currently living on the streets of San Diego.  He posts #homelesslivinghacks on his page to help others that might be in a similar situation and to enlighten those of us blessed with roofs over our heads.  He receives and shares with others.

Homelessness is real.  People are suffering all over the world.  Many think homeless and assume that a person is on the street because they are lazy or want to be there.  Many would assume that a homeless person doesn’t want to work.  Many would assume that a homeless person would appear homeless.  Chances are (especially if you live in an urban area) that you walk by homeless people daily and don’t know it.  Chances are you might even know a homeless person and don’t realize it.

Thank you Rob for showing many of us another perspective on the plight of the homeless.  Thank you Rob for showing us that no matter where one is in life we should always be grateful.  Thank you Rob for showing us that no matter how little one has we should always be up for sharing. Thank you Rob for showing us that even without we can still have enough to be there for our children.  Thank you Rob for being you.

If you are in the San Diego area keep an eye out for Rob.  Treat him to a meal.  Help him find a place to stay for a night.  Help him help himself so that he can continue to help others.  For those of you not in the San Diego area you can still help Rob.  Reach out to him.  And don’t forget to help someone in your area as well.  What might not be much to you might mean the world to another.


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