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Mellanni Bed Sheet Sets Review *Sponsored*


Mellanni Bed Sheet Sets Review *Sponsored*

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    I love sheets.  In my 20s I used to regularly buy nothing less than an 800 thread count.  Normally I would buy 1000 thread count.  Now in my 30s I rarely look at threadcounts because I realize that Minime and her cousins will be jumping and spilling on my sheets almost as much as I will be sleeping on them.


    I’ve taken to regularly buying cheap sheets and throwing them out after a wash or two.  It was for this reason I was very excited when given the opportunity to review Mellanni Microfiber 1800 Bedding.   They are supposed to be wrinkle, fade and stain resistant.  I have a white set.  I know, I know!  The horror of having white sheets with children.


    Personally, I’m scared of white sheets.  I never would have purchased them but I figure if you want an honest review of stain resistance than white is a smart color to send.  Of course Mini me or one of her cousins got something that looks like it should stain on one of the pillow cases.  It did come out in the wash!  White sheets don’t last long on the bed so I’ve already had to wash them even though they have only been on the bed a few days.


    They are very comfortable and make me miss sleeping on good sheets.  I think I might buy at least one more set (maybe as a mother’s day treat).  It might sound silly but I think I got a better night’s sleep on them than I do on the cheap sheets.

    If you want your own set (they do have other colors) you can check them out on Amazon.

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