Are We Talking Preschool or College?

Are We Talking Preschool or College?

20150154b55f6c67819JustaBXgirl is home with me everyday.  My Snapchat followers see her acting a fool all day.  I am blessed to be gainfully employed and able to work from home.  I am also blessed to have received financial literacy training in my life where I am really good at managing my money.  With that being said I am BROKE.

We are often taught not to talk about money because it’s in poor taste.  Sorry, not sorry.  I talk about money.  Me talking about money has helped me to make money and has helped others to manage money.  I will teach my child that talking about money is different than bragging about it or divulging unnecessary info.  I’m not saying you should talk about how much you have in the bank or you wallet but sharing financial info on a larger scale can be really beneficial to others.

Let me backtrack because I am getting way off track.  I have recently begun thinking about putting JustaBXgirl in preschool so she can get acclimated to a more structured setting.  We do work at home.  She knows how to spell her first name and recognize some letters and numbers, etc.  All in all I’d say she is pretty on track with what a three year old should know.

I’m not overly impressed with any local preschools (but I haven’t really started my search yet).  While at the Baby Show over the weekend I stopped by a school that had a booth.  They sounded amazing.  They offer foreign language, yoga and tons of other wonderful additions.  The representative was so sweet I could just see her greeting JustaBXgirl every morning and them being quick friends.

It was just the type of school I could see being comfortable sending my baby.  If it wasn’t over an hour away from us.  Based on the location I knew it wouldn’t be a feasible option for us even if everything else fit.  Without seeing the tuition costs I asked if they offered financial aid options.  See above, mama is broke.  They don’t.  They just sent me a nice to meet you email today sharing that I could come in for a school tour.  The email included a link to the registration and tuition info.  I couldn’t help it.  I had to see.  I just had to know what a high quality preschool was going for.

This is MONTHLY!!!
This is MONTHLY!!!

I wasn’t ready.  No, really.  I was not ready.  This is one of those I’m going to talk money when I probably shouldn’t but oh freaking well.  I don’t make $3000 a month.  They want me to pay $3000 a month just for my child to spend a few hours a day with them?  I don’t think, no, correction, I know I didn’t pay that much for my college education.

If you can afford this God bless you.  I wish you and your family nothing but continued blessings.  Me?  I can’t afford this.  And I’m not sure I would want to pay $3000 a month for a preschool if I could afford it.

I try to stay away from being “political” on here.  I save that for my personal Facebook but this is one of those things that just doesn’t seem fair.  Why is it that less expensive (or even free) preschool programs don’t offer some of the opportunities that these high end programs offer?  Now, I get it.  You pay for the perks.  Great.  But even in retail most high end designers also offer a low end alternative.

This is one of those places where I feel as parents we cannot be complacent.  We cannot accept less than the best for our children.  I can guarantee that JustaBXgirl won’t be going to a $3000 a month preschool but I can guarantee that I will work as hard as I need to ensure my child receives the same type of education.

Mommy rant over.

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