Mommy Wars – The Birthing Edition

Mommy Wars – The Birthing Edition


Maybe I should have started the Mommy Wars series with this post.  I guess this is where the wars start. The Birthing Edition.  Also known as “how we get our precious babies from inside our bodies into the world.”

We all have our birthing plan and our birthing story.  Sometimes the two sound similar and other times they sound like two completely different experiences.  The thing is they are ours.  If I choose to have my baby delivered by mermaids in the middle of the ocean while I am carried by dolphins and massaged by seahorses as a giraffe helps me with my breathing that is my business.  If I choose to share my birthing vision with you then just say good luck.  Your opinion is not needed.

I’m aware that my vision might not become my reality.  As I’m sure every mother is.  I was very blessed with JustaBXgirl.  All I knew was that I wanted to have a natural birth.  I had no idea who if anyone would be in the room with me.  I didn’t know what music I wanted played or anything else.  My reality went very similar.  I’m considering sharing my birthing story for a future post so I won’t get too far into it now.    I was blessed to not need any intervention.  I didn’t need drugs or a c-section.

My blessing is not everyone’s.  I know mother’s that have planned to go one route and need to do something completely different when the baby is ready to come.  I have friends that have had home births, water births, c-sections, vaginal births and I’m sure any other type of birth that might be.  Guess what.  They are all mothers.

They all made the choice (or sometimes had the choice made for them) that was best for them and their babies.  I have seen mothers judged and bullied online for their choices.  Why does it matter to you if a mother chooses to have an epidural or not?  Why does it matter to you if a mother schedules her c-section?  Why does it matter if a mother chooses to have her baby at home surrounded by her family?

What do any of these choices have to do with you?  How do any of these choices make her more or less of a mother?  Let us stop.  Let us stop judging.  Let us stop bullying.  Let us set a better example for our babies.


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  • I freaking love you. Seriously, my best friend and I talk about this ALL OF THE TIME! I am a step-momma and she had an all natural birth plan and after 24 hours took the epidural. People need to do WHATEVER is best for them and their children and everyone else can bug off! Every person and every child is different. Thank you so much for this series and for this post. We really need to stop the mom-shaming. We should stick together, as being a parent (no matter how you got to be one) is hard enough. Thanks for linking for some #mommatime!

    • Yes! Motherhood is hard and we seem to like making it harder. Hoping the Mommy Wars series gets across how silly this is. PS, bonus moms rock!

  • Mother’s need to be supportive of one another. I can’t stand the mommy wars because one mom does it one way that doesn’t make it best for everyone. As far as giving birth goes I have a preference, but let’s just say it’s not always possible or safe. I think the best option is to discuss your general plan with your doctor and then pray about it. Having a good relationship with your doctor helps that is an important trust that cannot be underestimated . In the end you have to just go with it because guess what only God knows what the situation will be the day your baby is born.

  • I love this! You took the words right out of my mouth… It is no one’s business to judge for ANY of our parenting decisions. Like you, I wanted and was able to have a natural birth, but it does not mean that I look down on anyone who plans not to. We are all mothers in the end and it does not matter how we get there! Thanks for sharing on #mommatime!

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