Is The GB Pockit Stroller As Good As It Seems?

Is The GB Pockit Stroller As Good As It Seems?

Have you ever seen a product and just knew it was too good to be true?  I have to admit when I heard last year about the GB Pockit Stroller I just knew it would be one of those type of products.  I mean a stroller that can fold up small enough to be considered a carry-on?  Either it wasn’t going to be a good stroller or it cost a million dollars.  GB has proven me wrong.  This might be the best kid accessory ever made!

I was supplied this stroller in exchange for my honest review! All opinions are honest and solely my own.
I was supplied this stroller in exchange for my honest review! All opinions are honest and solely my own.
Fun Trivia: World’s smallest folded stroller in the Guinness Book of World Records™ 
Fun Trivia: World’s smallest folded stroller in the Guinness Book of World Records™









I’m a single mom living in a walk-up apartment that normally takes public transportation.  This stroller was designed with me in mind!  JustaBXgirl is hard on carriages.  I don’t even want to disclose how many carriages we have been through in her three years of life.  Okay, I admit it.  I’m hard on her carriages as well.  We take a stroller everywhere.  Sometimes we leave the house in the morning and based on plans for the day we won’t be home until late.  Strollers are a lifeline.  She is at the age where she prefers walking for the most part but will get tired and need a place to sit.  And I always have bags so I need somewhere to hold them.

Still has room to grow

I was worried that this stroller would be too small for her.  She actually fits much better in it than she did in her most recent umbrella stroller. In the umbrella stroller her feet would drag on the floor at times.

No more touching the floor
No more touching the floor

She also couldn’t nap comfortably in it.  In the GB Pockit she can stretch her legs without hitting the pavement (she’s around 36 inches tall).  Napping?  It might be her new favorite place to catch a quick snooze.  As streamlined as it is she has space to get comfortable.  It does not recline but she seems to be able to sit in a way that she doesn’t get the bobble head effect.  The stroller is listed to hold up to 55 pounds.  JustaBXgirl is currently around 30 pounds so we will be using this for a while.

Nap Time
Nap Time

It is very light weight which is important to remember when driving it.  Be careful making turns.  It took me a moment to get used to because I wasn’t prepared for how smoothly it would drive. The front wheels swivel but you can lock them if you are going over rougher terrain.

The storage basket on the GB Pockit is a lot bigger than I expected.  I use a tote bag to carry the stroller around in.  That fits in the under basket along with a blanket (yup, we carry a blanket in June), a cup (or bottle of water) and there’s still room.  It’s said to hold up to 11 pounds.  The sunshade is a little small but JustaBXgirl says it works.


And yup, you read correctly.  I put the stroller in a tote bag when we’re not using it.  It makes it easier to store when we go to events and it makes it easier to carry up and down stairs.  Like I said earlier I feel like this stroller was made with me in mind.  Everywhere we go someone (or many someones) stop me to ask me about it.

It is very easy to open and close.  You do however need two hands to do so.  And if you’re anything like me it might take you more than the 10 seconds others can do it in.  The more you use it the better you get at opening and closing it.  I’m still mastering it before I take a video.

I look forward to traveling with this stroller as I’m not a fan of having to gate check my stroller (even though I prefer gate check than normal check) and having to wait for it to be unloaded.  Now I’ll be able to take it directly on the plane and put it in the overhead compartment.

It is reasonably priced at $249.99.  I’ve seen other strollers at the same price point with a lot less to boast about.

You can find the GB Pockit at Babies R Us or on the GB Website.  And you can follow them on social media: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s how excited we were to unbox our stroller.  I was too excited to figure out how to get it open!

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  • I tried it out while in Babiesrus I loved how light it was and how quickly it folded and unfolded. If we still lived in NYC this would be a must have for a commuting parent. I need to do the math on how much I would have saved in cabs if I had this stroller.

  • I absolutely loved this carriage. It was cool to open and close. And it’s super light when you’re pushing it around. It would work out great at NY Comic Con. My only issue that’s not a big issue is the storage space in the bottom but if you have the hooks for your bag you’re good to go. If I had another child I would definitely get one of these get one of these for my day to day use

  • Believe it or not Chloe still uses a stroller this one sounds good for us for when we travel. She hates walking, and she’s heavy so I know for sure that I’m not carrying her.

    • It is so worth it. And you can store it at home when you don’t need it. Mine sits right near the toy chest in it’s tote bag ready to go.

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