3 Reasons We Celebrate The Half Birthday

3 Reasons We Celebrate The Half Birthday

I didn’t pay much attention to half birthdays before JustaBXgirl was born. Mine is a few days before Christmas so I’ve never really been able to celebrate it. Once JustaBXgirl was born I began celebrating her month days.

For the first year of her life she received a small gift or treat every month on the 23rd day. I’m all about celebrating life. Birthdays have always been HUGE for me. Just ask my friends that have had the privilege of receiving my birthday itineraries for many years. Having JustaBXgirl gave me even more reason to celebrate.

Many of my friends thought I was crazy when she turned 6 months old. I threw her a half birthday party. There were decorations, games, pizza and cupcakes. Of course she doesn’t remember it but it was a great time. Once again she was surrounded and celebrated by family and love.

That was the last half birthday party she had. Only because she has a cousin that has his birthday parties the weekend before her half birthday and a friend that has her birthday parties the weekend after. It makes it hard to throw a party when we are celebrating others. Still we celebrate. And so should you.


Here are the three reasons Half Birthdays should be celebrated.

  1. Best of Both Worlds – JustaBXgirl has a winter birthday. That means we have to celebrate her birthday indoors. So far she has had a snowstorm every year. Celebrating her half birthday means fun in the sun! This year we celebrated it a little early by spending the weekend with family hanging out in the pool, barbecuing and eating cupcakes under the stars. If your child has a summer birthday imagine the frozen fun to be had during a winter half birthday celebration.
  2. Creating Traditions – My cousin has celebrated her daughter’s half birthday for the full 22 and a 1/2 years of her life. It’s a very special tradition for them and I am looking forward to it being a special tradition for me and JustaBXgirl. Watching JustaBXgirl tell people it’s her half birthday is the cutest thing ever. I’m all about traditions and memory making.
  3. Simplicity – Often we get caught up in the Pinterest world of Birthday Parties. Everything has to be grand. Everything has to be perfect. Everything has to be worthy of being pinned on someone’s board. Half birthdays aren’t any of that. They’re just for fun. You can do a big celebration or a small celebration. You can invite the world or just keep it intimate.

Life is to be celebrated. We are blessed with each day we are given. We are blessed to have so much love and family surrounding us. I can’t imagine not celebrating at least twice a year. During the first year of JustaBXgirl’s life I would celebrate her Month Day. Each month on the 23rd day she would get some type of special treat or gift. Even now I try to do something to secretly celebrate the day. I say secretly because if JustaBXgirl knew I was still celebrating her Month Days she would become a little monster! Have I mentioned she already has a 60+ item Christmas List available on Amazon?


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