Back To School Game Night – Volume #2 – Memory Yoga

Back To School Game Night – Volume #2 – Memory Yoga

We decided to take our Back To School Game Night on the road while visiting friends recently. When given a few options to choose from, JustaBXgirl selected Thinkfun’s Memory Yoga to be packed for our trip.

JustaBXgirl has been a big fan of Thinkfun’s Yoga Spinner so when she saw Memory Yoga she was excited to give it a try. Normally when we open a new game, I make JustaBXgirl sit patiently as I read her the directions and help her set up.  memory yoga - justabxmom

That didn’t happen this time. Moments after we arrived at my friend’s home, JustaBXgirl and his five year old daughter decided it was time to play. They opened the box and started trying to emulate the poses. It was really cute to watch them falling over themselves as my friend’s nine year old son just shook his head at the girls.

memory yoga - justabxmom
We received this game directly from Thinkfun for review purposes. As always all opinions are honest and solely the opinions of myself and JustaBXgirl.

After letting them play their way for a while I tried to show them the proper way to play. They preferred their way! The good thing about their way is that rather than it being a competition, they worked together to find matches and do the poses.

Normally JustaBXgirl has a lot of patience for memory games. I think because she really wanted to do the yoga poses her patience seemed to be on vacation as well. I played with the girls a few times during the couple of days we visited and they really enjoyed the game. We didn’t get through an entire game because they kept wanting to change the rules on me but we had fun, did some exercise and practiced our teamwork.

In case you were wondering…I still dislike working out. I still love yoga and I still don’t take enough time to practice it. Thanks to Thinkfun, between Memory Yoga and Yoga Spinner, JustaBXgirl will have me back to my old flexi/bendi self before I know it!

Yoga Memory - JustaBXmomThe Basics:

Age: 3 and up

Skill: Visual Recognition, Reasoning and Perception

Features: 18 Poses (36 Pairs)

Price: $9.99 (MSRP)

Don’t forget getting your little ones ready for school is more than just about academics (even though the memory aspect does help with that). As always, JustaBXgirl reminded me to think outside the box by finding different ways to play the game without losing the basics.

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