All Jazzed Up

All Jazzed Up

NYC is the City that never sleeps. We all know that. Did you also know it’s a City that doesn’t stop dancing? Even in 100 degree weather you can find New Yorkers all jazzed up doing a Charleston on Governor’s Island. And guess who was right there with them? Yup, you guessed it: JustaBXgirl (who even got me on the dance floor for a few).

It was a VERY hot Sunday in August when we boarded the ferry to Governor’s Island with a bunch of new friends to attend this August’s Jazz Age Lawn Party. Haven’t heard of it? It’s a 1920’s themed event that is held twice a year on Governor’s Island. Yup, I got on a boat to attend. That means it is something I really wanted to do.

Little known fact-I love 1920’s fashion. I also love the idea of speakeasy styled drinking and hanging out. Of course I don’t love the fact that the reason speakeasies existed was because it was illegal to drink. I mean how did anyone survive brunch??? Either way, dressing up and reenacting the era while legally being able to imbibe makes it all the better!

Auntie E purchased tickets for us just about the day they went on sale. I had all of these fabulous plans on getting me and JustaBXgirl matching roaring twenties apparel. Then life happened and we were days to the event. I began to feel that mom anxiety that creeps in when you feel as if you are on the verge of having a MAJOR Pinterest fail. Life was so much easier before perfecting parenting existed online!

With no time to order anything online or to go to a physical store to shop meant I had to either give up being the beesknees or get creative at home. I had considered wearing my fringed flapper dress that I wore to my themed birthday dinner last year (can you tell I like the era?) but then realized I would probably melt in the 100 degree forecasted weather and would be showing off my modern undergarments every time I sat down or stood up.


jalp - justabxmom
JustaBXgirl ending the day with her new Teddy friend. It’s so soft!

Have I mentioned it was a really hot day??? It was. And because of that I wanted JustaBXgirl to be as cool as possible. The most era friendly outfit I could put together while keeping her cool was her favorite long kidpik skirt and a hanes tank top.

jazz age lawn party - justabxmom

How cool is it that her and Auntie E basically matched? Auntie E wore a similar beige skirt and white shirt. This mama wasn’t part of the cool kids club though. I pulled the closest vintage dress I had out of my closet. We all sported beautiful fascinators from Auntie E’s collection. Unfortunately, due to the heat we had to cut our day short. We only stayed about two hours. During that time we were able to enjoy refreshing lemonade from mason jars, play games (where everyone is a winner) at the kids table, enjoy big music and take a million photos.  jazz age lawn party - kids table - justabxmom

We definitely will be returning and bringing friends. It was a beautiful day of people watching. The 1920s really were a fabulous fashion period and the event attendees dressed the part. Hope to see you there next year. Pull up a blanket next to our’s and join us on the dance floor as we cut a rug.

jazz age lawn party - justabxmom
Parasols were courtesy of Auntie E as well.

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